Aki Ichikawa
Characters S3E1 aki ichikawa
The mother of a destined god.

Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Violet
Eye color: Red
Affiliations: Tokken
Production information
Voiced by: Jp Akemi Minashi
Us Lina Parador

Aki Ichikawa (安芸市川 Ichikawa Aki) is a major character featured in the Bible Black: New Testament anime series.

As an agent of Tokken, she works with her colleague Kurumi Imari on a series of mysterious murder cases. She becomes the victim of a dark plot herself when evil forces identify her as a prophesied being, destined to fulfill a demonic goal. The evil witch Reika Kitami takes control of Imari's body and uses Aki as a vessel for her sinister goals.


Much of Aki's background remains unknown. She is a member of the Tokken Special Investigations Division which deals with the paranormal, and works directly under her colleagues Kurumi Imari and Toru Yuge.

Her job seems to consist mostly of research, gathering vital information on the cases Tokken is working on.


Shot S3E1 imari and aki enter bank

Wearing her casual red outfit.

Aki has long flowing purple-colored hair and distinct red eyes. She also wears pink lipstick and small gold pearl-shaped earrings.

Though she is often seen dressed in her Tokken uniform while on duty for the Tokken agency, Aki dons a red top and somewhat rugged brown jacket over a dark green skirt and purple heels in her free time. In this outfit she also wears a brown bag and a small gold necklace with a pendant around her neck.


A series of mysterious murdersEdit

Shot S3E1 aki pushed

Knocked out by the bank robber.

As a Tokken agent, she is investigating a series of bizarre murders with her superior Kurumi Imari, who at one point wanders off and leaves her alone on a park bench where Tokken chief Toru Yuge finds her sleeping. Aki jumps up and hastily reports their progress to him before directing her boss to Imari's whereabouts.

Later, Aki and Imari make their way to a bank to retrieve a package from a safe that is related to a murder case. They stumble upon a bank robbery in progress and are held at gunpoint by a group of robbers. After forcing the bank staff and customers to have sex, the robber leader brings Aki and Imari to the bathroom. Aki attempts to fight him, but is knocked out against the wall.

Shot S3E2 aki reports

Reporting to Tokken chief Yuge.

Sometime after, police forces storm the building and chief Yuge wakes her up. They return to the Tokken headquarters and discover that one of the murder victims found on the roof of a school has come back to life. Aki hands the data to Imari and Yuge and voices her concern about Imari's strange behavior since the bank incident to the chief. He does not take heed of her concerns, however. Aki then reports her findings about the missing artifact at the bank to him.

Shot S3E2 aki spear stun

Stunned by the Spear of Longinus.

Victim of an occult ritualEdit

Aki again joins Imari as they visit the Academy basement. They witness a perverted ritual going on with several girls surrounding a blond teacher and a man having sex. Imari starts taunting Aki with her virginity as they watch, and reveals that she stole the spear tip artifact from the bank safe before knocking her out with a magic incantation.

Shot S3E2 aki basement ritual

The centerpiece of a mysterious ritual.

When Aki regains consciousness sometime later she finds herself shackled half-naked to the stone altar in the basement, surrounded by the ritual girls, Imari and her loyal follower Kaori Saeki. Aki realizes Imari is really the evil Reika Kitami. The woman inserts the Spear of Longinus tip into her body, causing Aki to scream and contort in pain. A barrier suddenly forms around her body, apparently erected from outside the building by the kind-hearted nun Hiroko Takashiro.

Shot S3E3 takashiro and aki in taxi

Escorted by Takashiro in a taxi.

Rescued and raped againEdit

Aki's assailants leave the basement sometime later, and she is found unconscious by Takashiro and substitute teacher Rika Shiraki. Takashiro reads her mind and discovers she is the so called woman in red, the Devil's partner mentioned in the writings of occultist Aleister Crowley. The nun then takes Aki to the hospital where Tokken chief Yuge later pays her a visit.

Shot S3E4 vice-principal attacks aki

Not even the hospital is safe.

While still recovering, Aki is disturbed by the possessed Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima, another hospital patient. In a crazed frenzy, he violates her and then stabs her in the abdomen with a knife in an attempt to cut the Spear of Longinus out of her body. Another patient, police investigator Naoto Yamanishi, intervenes and knocks him out with a metal drip stand. He holds Aki in his arms and is about to call a doctor when Aki's body suddenly lights up, magically pulling out the knife and healing her wound.

Shot S3E6 aki strangled by yamanishi

Strangled by Yamanishi.

Sometime after, Aki recovers and returns to Tokken to continue her research. She tucks in and kisses Yamanishi when she realizes it was him who saved her in the hospital. Unbeknownst to her, however, Yamanishi has been possessed by an evil force as well. He strangles Aki with his belt when he wakes up and the girl loses consciousness. He attempts to have sex with her, but is blocked by a barrier.

Shot S3E6 aki shackled

Shackled for sacrifice.

The final ritualEdit

Aki is later brought back to the Academy basement by Kaori Saeki and her lackeys for Imari/Kitami's ritual. She is shackled to the stone floor, surrounded by several men and women engaging in an orgy. One of Imari's followers prepares Aki's body for a ritual, before Imari stabs the girl with a knife. It is deflected, however, and breaks as it hits her abdomen. Kitami's adversary, Jody Crowley, then appears in the basement, revealing that she was behind it as she takes control of the ritual.

Shot S3E6 spear through aki

The spear tip cuts through her body.

Jody proceeds to engage in her own ritual, and has the other girls in the basement subjected by her two guards. She tries to force herself on Aki, but is also held back by the barrier. Aki screams as a bright white light shines out her abdomen. The tip of the Spear of Longinus appears and cuts through her flesh.

Shot S3E6 imari reassures aki

Imari reassures Aki after the ritual.

Moments later, Tokken chief Toru Yuge arrives in the basement and successfully breaks the seal on the Bible Black that has appeared with the spear's power. With two purple magic tentacles, the tome grabs hold of Kitami's and Jody's soul and offers them a contract. Jody accepts and both are dragged into the book, ending the ritual.

Life for Aki seemingly turns back to normal, and she is again sleeping on a park bench sometime after the ritual night. Imari inquires about her report, not noticing the face of Kitami flashing on Aki's laptop screen, indicating the witch might not be gone forever after all.

Personality and traitsEdit

Shot S3E2 aki shocked

Forgetting her research data.

Aki is a friendly and innocent young lady, still a virgin prior to the events of the series. She is somewhat absentminded, however, and often forgets to do certain tasks at work and regularly falls asleep while conducting her research. She is quick to apologize when she is called out on her behavior, and usually manages to get the task done in time after all.

Despite her distractions and awkwardness at times, she seems to be quite intelligent and knowledgeable, gathering a lot of useful information for the Tokken agents and chief Toru Yuge. She is also fairly high-spirited, like when she boldly tries to attack the leader of a group of robbers in the bank.


  • While wearing civilian clothing, Aki is dressed in a red undershirt. This is likely a reference to her being the destined woman in red or Scarlet Woman, as are her fairly unique red eyes.
  • Aki is in fact the only named character in the series that has natural red eyes.


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