Art club
Shot S1E1 minase imari art club
President Imari posing for Minase.
Known associates
Leader(s) Mug takashiro Hiroko Takashiro
Mug imari Kurumi Imari
Others Mug minase Taki Minase

The art club is an extracurricular organization at the Academy for artistically inclined students. The club is mainly featured in the first Bible Black game and first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis.

Out of all the other cultural clubs at school, whose members are mostly ghost members, the art club has a decent reputation.[1] The club is popular due in no small part to the attractive faculty advisor and art instructor Hiroko Takashiro. Some of the students are believed to have chosen to concentrate on art just because of her and the boys never miss a meeting. They also believe the club gives them an easy pass because there is no written exam.[2]

Senior year[3] students Taki Minase and Kurumi Imari have been members of the club since their first year. Imari recommended that they joined and often pesters Minase into coming to the club meetings after school. He prefers to ditch the meetings every chance he gets.[4] Imari is the president of the club with Minase as her vice president. Their responsibilities include retrieving and returning the key to the art classroom from the faculty room.[5]

The work produced by the students is occasionally exhibited during college art shows.[6]


Shot S1E2 takashiro stunned

Saeki stuns art professor Takashiro.

Art professor and faculty advisor Hiroko Takashiro suggests Imari models for Minase's portrait for an upcoming school art exhibit. Minase makes a sketch and neglects to tell Imari that her panties are visible as she is posing, making the girl freak out when she finds out he has drawn them as well. To both Minase and Imari's annoyance, professor Takashiro says that they make the perfect couple when she catches them arguing.

Shot S1E2 imari sketch

Minase's sketch of Imari.

Later, Takashiro sees Minase in the club moping over the sketch he made of her friend Imari, who has not been at school for several days. Just after recommending the boy should go home, the professor is knocked out from the back with a stun gun by student Kaori Saeki.

Shot S1E3R imari reasons with minase

President Imari argues with vice Minase.

Nurse Reika Kitami later uses the club's classroom to have Takashiro and student Rika Shiraki gang raped by a group of male art club students, jokingly referring to it as practical sex ed. Imari walks into the room shocked and begs her to stop, but Minase stuns her using a magic spell.

Minase eventually finishes the painting of Imari.

In the gamesEdit

Bible Black: La Noche de WalpurgisEdit



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