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Bible Black: Origins


May 25, 2002 – August 25, 2002




28-30 minutes

Animation by:

Milky Studio

Produced by:

MS Pictures

"Bible Black: Origins" (Baiburuburakku: Gaiden - バイブルブラック: 外伝) or "Bible Black: Gaiden" is the second entry in the Bible Black anime series.

The two episodes explain the backstory of the first Walpurgis Night, twelve years before the events of the first series. Like its predecessor it is animated by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures).

The first episode debuted on the 25th of May, 2002 in Japan, during the run of the first series. Both episodes were later adapted and dubbed to English, French, German and Spanish. They are commonly paired together and distributed as a single release.

As a prequel, the episodes are merely based on the original computer game and do not follow its plot. However, some scenes and characters draw inspiration from story elements present in the game, such as the school assembly scene with Junko Mochida and the game's 'bully' characters of Shinjou and Inoue and their gang, who share a similarity with a group of thugs in the anime.


Shot S2E1 bible black

Fifty shades of black.

Student Hiroko Takashiro and her friends Rie and Saki start their own witchcraft club at school. After Rie finds the Bible Black, the group uses the magic spells contained in the mysterious grimoire to influence the sexual desires of their classmates, including the school president Nami Kozono, who has a crush on the young transfer student Reika Kitami.

After Kozono joins the magic club, the group tries to summon a demon in preparation of summoning the Devil himself on Walpurgis Night. The ritual fails however, causing Takashiro to have a change of heart about using magic. Kozono defies her and assumes leadership of the club. Vengeful, power hungry, and angered about Kitami repeatedly rejecting her advances, she stops at nothing to achieve her goals.

The girls proceed with the summoning ritual, using Kitami as a human sacrifice. The night changes the young girl's life forever and shapes future events.


Cover S2E1 Black Brand

1 Black Brand

Cover S2E2 Black Altar

2 Black Altar


Major CharactersEdit

Mug takashiro young
Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子)
A student obsessed with the occult. She starts her own magic club with classmates Rie and Saki. She is a calm and calculating person, eager to learn the power of darkness. But after a ritual goes awry she tries to convince her club members to turn their backs on magic.
Mug kozono
Nami Kozono (小園 ナミ)
The wealthy lesbian president of the student council. Seductive and arrogant, she tries to get what she wants all the time, no matter the cost or the means. Her lust for revenge and power takes on even crazier forms when she joins Takashiro's magic club Rose Cross.
Mug kitami young
Reika Kitami (北見 麗華)
A pretty, shy and kindhearted transfer student, she becomes the object of affection for Kozono, but Kitami rejects her multiple sexual advances. Later, she becomes the unwilling victim of the magic club members. Her personality and character changes forever after this.

Minor CharactersEdit

Mug rie
Rie Morita (森田理恵)
A more hesitant starting member of the Rose Cross magic club and friend of Hiroko Takashiro.
Mug saki
Saki Shindou (咲進藤)
A devious starting member of the Rose Cross magic club and friend of Rie Morita and Hiroko Takashiro.
Mug junko
Junko Mochida (持田潤子)
An arrogant and self-rightious member of the school council and lesbian lover of Nami Kozono.
Mug hiratani
Hiratani (平谷)
A shy and unpopular student who has a crush on Nami Kozono. He looks for any way to win her over.
Mug thugs
Kozono's thugs
A group of four burly thugs that do Nami Kozono's dirty work. They operate from an empty warehouse.
Mug demon
One of hell's vicious demons that pays the girls of the magic club a visit after they summon him.

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