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Bible black series

Title screens of Bible Black.

Bible Black (バイブルブラック Baiburuburakku) is an adult Japanese hentai series comprising two eroge computer games and four anime series. It is set in and around a school, where the discovery of the eponymous Bible Black spell book twists the minds and desires of the students and teachers with occult worship and sexual perversion.

The first game was released on PC on July 14, 2000 in Japan and was adapted into six anime episodes by the Japanese animation studio Milky Studio a year later. The series is loosely based on events and scenes from the game. The following year, a two-episode prequel was produced, explaining the origins of the first series.

In 2004, Milky Studio produced a sequel anime series of six episodes, which continues the story of some characters seen in the original anime. The latest anime series released starting from 2005 consists of side-stories, explaining what happened to various characters around the events of the first series.

Finally, a short second eroge game in the same style as the first one was published in 2008.

A live-action movie adaptation was proposed in mid-2011 by American studio Fever Dreams, but appears to no longer be in production.


In 2000 and 2008 two PC games have been developed by Japanese game developers Active Soft and Kururi Active.

Shot GAME1 gameplay5

Player Minase finds the infamous tome.

Bible Black: La Noche de WalpurgisEdit

The player steps in the shoes of Academy student Taki Minase, who finds a mysterious book of magic in the basement of his school. He begins practicing black magic to pervert the minds and bodies of his fellow students, eventually becoming wrapped up in a devious plot when students and teachers get wind of his occult discovery and try to sway him to their side.

Bible Black: The InfectionEdit

A sequel to the first game was released in 2008 and continues the story of student Taki Minase. The game runs on the same engine as the previous one and many familiar characters also make their return. Set one month after the incident of the previous game, Minase now lives a happy life with his girlfriend. However, a nightmare once again pulls him back into a world of black magic and dangerous, albeit perverse, consequences.


Between 2001 and 2008, the Japanese animator Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures) has produced over a dozen 30-minute adult anime episodes based on the first Bible Black computer game.

Bible Black: La Noche de WalpurgisEdit

Shot S1E1 minase basement

Minase explores his school's basement.

The first anime series that loosely follows the True Ending of the game. However, some (abridged) scenes from different storylines are also included. Like the game, the story revolves around Taki Minase, a student who finds a magic book and uses it to influence his fellow students. He is caught up in an occult plot involving the demonic school nurse Reika Kitami and eventually teams up with his art professor Hiroko Takashiro to save his friend and neighbor Kurumi Imari.

Bible Black: OriginsEdit

Shot S2E2 basement ritual

The Rose Cross girls assemble.

This series is a a prequel to both the first game and first anime series. It details how Hiroko Takashiro started her own witchcraft club and how Reika Kitami was corrupted twelve years before the events of the first series. Takashiro and her friends Rie and Saki attempt to summon a demon and even the Devil himself. However, the malicious and power hungry student council president Nami Kozono interferes and takes revenge for the spell the club's members cast on her before.

  • Episode 1 - Black Brand / Kuro no Kokuin (黒の刻印)
  • Episode 2 - Black Altar / Kuro no Saidan (黒の祭壇)

Bible Black: New TestamentEdit

Shot S3E2 aki basement ritual

The occult rituals continue.

The sequel series details how Jody Crowley attempts to fulfill her grandfather's prophecy of the Woman in red, which she believes to be Aki Ichikawa. Many characters from the first anime series make their return. Witch Reika Kitami is revived in the body of Tokken agent Kurumi Imari, and becomes Jody's pawn as she overpowers Hiroko Takashiro and young police investigator Naoto Yamanishi. The story climaxes in the Academy basement, where Jody and Kitami face off.

Bible Black: OnlyEdit

Shot S4E2 saeki's magic club

Saeki and her coven ritual.

The three volumes in this series are a collection of short erotic side stories that take place around the events of the first series. Some of them depict elements and characters from the first game that were not seen in the anime. For example, a scene with swim team members Miyuki Nonogusa, Kobayashi and Mikimoto. The third volume also contains a single scene of Kurumi Imari being assaulted in a location that resembles the gymnasium storage room seen in the game.


Shot Movie Crisp1

Shot from the Bible Black movie.

Bible Black: The MovieEdit

A possible live-action adaptation of the Bible Black franchise has been proposed by production company Fever Dreams, but has remained in pre-production. Only a trailer and several photos have been released thus far.


VAW animation sketches

A sketch from the Visual Art Works.

Other media and non-media productions, such as merchandise, have also been produced by various parties.

Bible Black Visual Art WorksEdit

A collection of concept art, galleries and various character images drawn by illustrator and designer Sei Shoujo.

Bible Black merchandiseEdit

Over the years, various Bible Black merchandise, mostly figurines, has been released by a number of manufacturers.


Major CharactersEdit

This chart lists an overview of all major characters featured in the Bible Black series and in which productions they appear. For a more in depth look, please refer to the respective series or character pages.

Small logo LNdW game
Small logo The Infection
The Infection
Small logo LNdW anime
Small logo LNdW anime
Small logo LLdL
New Testament
Small logo Only
Jody Crowley Mug jody
Aki Ichikawa Mug aki
Kurumi Imari Mug imari GAME Mug imari GAME2 Mug imari Mug imari old Mug imari only
Reika Kitami Mug kitami GAME Mug kitami GAME2 Mug kitami Mug kitami young Mug kitami old
Nami Kozono Mug kozono game Mug kozono
Taki Minase Mug minase GAME Mug minase GAME2 Mug minase
Kaori Saeki Mug saeki GAME Mug saeki GAME2 Mug saeki Mug saeki old Mug saeki only
Rika Shiraki Mug shiraki GAME Mug shiraki GAME2 Mug shiraki Mug shiraki old
Hiroko Takashiro Mug takashiro GAME Mug takashiro GAME2 Mug takashiro Mug takashiro young Mug takashiro old Mug takashiro only
Naoto Yamanishi Mug yamanishi
Yuki Toudou Mug yuki
Toru Yuge Mug yuge

Minor CharactersEdit

All characters that play a minor role can be found here. Most of these characters either only appear in both or one of the Bible Black games and/or are briefly seen in one or two anime series.

Mug amatsuki Jun Amatsuki Mug asada Asada Mug demon Demon Mug guards Crowley's guards
Mug harada Eri Harada Mug inoue Inoue Mug ito Mika Ito Mug kiriya Saki Kiriya
Mug kobayashi Shinobu Kobayashi Mug kurimoto Maki Kurimoto Mug mikimoto Mikimoto Mug yukiko Yukiko Minase
Mug junko Junko Mochida Mug rie Rie Morita Mug murai Ayumi Murai Mug nonogusa Miyuki Nonogusa
Mug oshima Takeshi Oshima Mug robbers Bank robbers Mug saki Saki Shindou Mug shinjou Shinjou
Mug partner Yamanishi's partner Mug yoshitani Yoshitani Mug thugs Kozono's thugs Mug hiratani Hiratani

Unseen CharactersEdit

These characters are mentioned by name but not seen in the games or anime proper.

Unnamed CharactersEdit

A list of background and nameless characters from all four anime series.


  • Many episode covers of US and EU versions of Bible Black (which can be seen here) have neglected to remove the 'de' part displayed over the circular occult symbol seen on the Bible Black logo. It is part of the La Noche de Walpurgis title but still appears as if part of the symbol itself.

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