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Bible Black is a Japanese hentai series comprising two eroge computer games and four anime series. It is set in and around a school, where the discovery of the eponymous Bible Black spell book twists the minds and desires of the students and teachers with occult worship and sexual perversion. Read More...

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May 28, 2016
Just dropping a note saying the wiki is still being updated almost daily. The episode articles for the New Testament series have recently been redone. Go check them out!
Biberoi (talk)
November 24, 2015
Added some descriptions of the obscure added scenes from the New Testament Complete Version. Know Japanese and English and want to help? Leave me a note!
Biberoi (talk)
September 23, 2015
The latest poll results are finally in! Go check out the Top 10 Favorite Female Characters in Bible Black and see how high your favorites rank!
Biberoi (talk)

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Bible Black: Origins (Baiburuburakku: Gaiden - バイブルブラック: 外伝) or Bible Black: Gaiden is the second entry in the Bible Black anime series.

The two episodes explain the backstory of the first Walpurgis Night, twelve years before the events of the first series. Like its predecessor it is animated by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures).

The first episode debuted on the 25th of May, 2002 in Japan, during the run of the first series. Both episodes were later adapted and dubbed to English, French, German and Spanish. They are commonly paired together and distributed as a single release.

The episodes are inspired by several flashbacks and descriptions in the original Bible Black game. Some scenes and characters also draw inspiration from story elements present in the game, such as the school assembly scene with Junko Mochida exposing herself and the game's 'bully' characters of Shinjou and Inoue and their gang, who share a similarity with a group of thugs in the anime.

Student Hiroko Takashiro and her friends Rie and Saki start their own unofficial witchcraft club at school. One day, Rie finds a mysterious book, and the group uses the perverted spells contained inside to influence the sexual desires of their classmates, including the student council president Nami Kozono, who has a crush on the young transfer student Reika Kitami.
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You are welcome to contribute to this wiki! But please read the rules and guidelines before you do. Some core guidelines include:

  • Explicit images are not allowed. Please do not upload or post any explicit material from the anime or games. Explicit images include those showing genitalia and/or breasts. Sexually suggestive images should also be avoided.
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  • The plot of the anime takes canon precedence over the games. However, any background information (i.e. on characters) is also accepted.

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The demon is a vicious male devil summoned by Academy student Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club. He is featured in the second episode of the Bible Black: Origins series, and also makes a brief appearance in a scene from Bible Black: Only.

He is a powerful lesser demon from hellWP and a servant of the Devil. Though some dialogue in the series suggests him to be the incarnation of the Devil himself (see Trivia).

He is a robed and large muscular entity with a sharp nose, handsome features and blue complexion. He has hypnotic yellow eyes, slightly curved fangs, and a serpent-like tongue, which he uses to kiss his victims. Between his groin is a demonic mouth, which when opened reveals several long tentacles and a penis.

Using the powers of the Bible Black spell book, the occult-obsessed student Hiroko Takashiro and her followers, including students Rie Morita, Saki Shindou and student council president Nami Kozono, attempt to gain the Devil's power by summoning him. But as practice, they decide to summon something smaller first.
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