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Welcome to the Bible Black Wiki

This wiki is a comprehensive encyclopedia about everything related to the Bible Black series.
There are currently 137 articles, 1,736 images and 15,629 edits since January 2012.
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Bible Black is a Japanese hentai series comprising two eroge computer games and four anime series. It is set in and around a school, where the discovery of the eponymous Bible Black spell book twists the minds and desires of the students and teachers with occult worship and sexual perversion. Read More...

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May 28, 2016
Just dropping a note saying the wiki is still being updated almost daily. The episode articles for the New Testament series have recently been redone. Go check them out!
Biberoi (talk)
November 24, 2015
Added some descriptions of the obscure added scenes from the New Testament Complete Version. Know Japanese and English and want to help? Leave me a note!
Biberoi (talk)
September 23, 2015
The latest poll results are finally in! Go check out the Top 10 Favorite Female Characters in Bible Black and see how high your favorites rank!
Biberoi (talk)

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Item lance

The Lance or Spear of Longinus is the lance that was used to pierce the flesh of Jesus ChristWP when he was crucified. The artifact is featured prominently in the Bible Black: New Testament anime series.

The tip of the lance was cast into metal around 3000 B.C. A detailed analysis reveals that it contains traces of numerous elements: iron, carbon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and very small amounts of manganese, tungsten, vanadium, titanium and cobalt.

A fragment of the spear's tip is discovered by archaeologist Souji Yoshitani near a port town in MoroccoWP shortly before the man's disappearance. He secretly stores the artifact in a bank safety deposit box (numbered 3079) under his son's name.

The spear is stolen by Reika Kitami, who awakens inside the body of Kurumi Imari after being held hostage by a group of bank robbers. She uses the spear against her Tokken colleague Aki Ichikawa by reciting a chant while holding the artifact against her head, knocking the young girl out in a blinding flash.

Later, she cuts her own hand with the fragment during a bizarre ritual in the Academy basement. The tip starts glowing red after being dunked in a golden chalice filled with semen and blood, and Imari/Kitami painfully inserts it inside Aki's vagina.

Sometime later, during the ritual of the mysterious witch Jody Crowley in the same basement, the spear shoots out from Aki's abdomen in another bright flash, slicing straight through her skin. As a drop of Aki's blood leaks from the artifact onto the floor, the spear itself slowly disappears into the floor and shoots out several metal chains, restoring the infamous Bible Black spell book.
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Inoue (井上 Inoue) is a minor character featured in the first Bible Black game.

He is a thuggish and arrogant member of a notorious gang at the Academy. It is rumored that he uses drugs and engages in other criminal activities. He has a short temper, and claims he had his license suspended for parking his bike in front of his house. He often hangs around with two of his cronies.

In all storylines, Inoue first meets the player Taki Minase when he hears about his black magic exploits. He barges into his classroom with two of his cronies. The player can try to hide his identity, but thanks to his cousin Yukiko Minase his lunchbox has his name written on it. Inoue angrily drags him up to the school roof and tells him off for flaunting his magic around the school. He and his thugs beat him up, promising to land him in the hospital for a week.

Minase's friend Kurumi Imari suddenly steps in to stop them, and Inoue orders one of his thugs to attack. Imari swiftly blocks his punches and knocks him to the ground using her Shorinji KempoWP skills. She also easily kicks Inoue's other crony into submission. Dumbfounded at the girl's unexpected strength, Inoue and one of his friends rush at her once more. Imari deflects the thug's attack, knocking him out. However, Inoue has managed to land a painful kick. Imari immediately counters, and Inoue crumples to the ground in pain.
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Which Bible Black production is your favorite?

The poll was created at 18:08 on September 20, 2015, and so far 111 people voted.
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Shot S1E6 imari confronts saeki
In the Academy basement, Imari/Kitami confronts student Kaori Saeki who has just uncovered the Bible Black.
(LNdW: Black Descent)

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