The third episode Black Sacrifice of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis anime series was later rereleased as a Japanese only censored remastered edition with updated graphics and art style. It also corrected a number of canonical discrepancies. This page contains several images of this new version and the original episode for comparison.

For an overview of all 59 images from the remastered episode, see Images from Black Sacrifice (remastered).

Canon differencesEdit

Desk lightEdit

The remastered version adds the light on Taki Minase's desk when he examines the blood stain in the Bible Black.

Original Remastered
Shot S1E3 minase shiraki find stain2 Shot S1E3R minase shiraki find stain2

Minase's posterEdit

The abstract wall poster in Minase's room is also correctly changed to match the one seen in subsequent episodes.

Original Remastered
Shot S1E3 minase bedroom Shot S1E3R minase bedroom

Flashback sceneEdit

Reika Kitami's flashback scene has mostly been adapted to the scene seen in the second episode of Bible Black: Origins. However, some additional parts have been revamped, as seen in the bottom left shot below. This shot depicts two unknown witchcraft club members that have the same appearance in both the original Black Sacrifice episode and the Origins episode. The remastered edition gives them a completely new and more detailed look.

Original Remastered
Shot S1E3 kitami sacrificed Shot S1E3R kitami sacrificed
Shot S1E3 rose cross unknown members Shot S1E3R rose cross unknown members

Visual differencesEdit

Character detailEdit

The art style has been revamped to be more in tune with subsequent entries of the anime series, particularly the sequel Bible Black: New Testament. The character detail has increased significantly, most noticeably in the faces.

Original Remastered
Shot S1E3 imari sulking Shot S1E3R imari sulking
Shot S1E3 imari confronts kitami Shot S1E3R imari confronts kitami

Vibrant colorsEdit

Like in the screenshots seen above, the colors in the remastered episode have also been adapted, making some scenes look a lot more vibrant and saturated with bright colors. A lot more striking than the original version.

Original Remastered
Shot S1E3 minase shiraki find stain Shot S1E3R minase shiraki find stain
Shot S1E3 imari and kitami Shot S1E3R imari and kitami

Special effectsEdit

Some of the special effects, such as the magic spells and the Devil's portal, have also been redone slightly.

Original Remastered
Shot S1E3 minase cast spell Shot S1E3R minase cast spell
Shot S1E3 kozono hellgate Shot S1E3R kozono hellgate

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