Crowley's guards
Crowley's guards
Female wizards allied to the Crowleys.

Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Green - Light Blue
Eye color: Gold
Affiliations: Jody Crowley
Aleister Crowley
Production information
Voiced by:  ?

Crowley's guards are two minor characters featured in the last two episodes of Bible Black: New Testament.

They are devoted to Jody Crowley, granddaughter of famous occultist Aleister Crowley. They are most likely followers of his doctrine as well, and are in possession of several powerful magical abilities and spells they use to assist their mistress.


Both guards are dressed in a similar ninja-like outfit with a revealing back and side; one with a blue and black color scheme, the other yellow and black. The blue guard is a bit slimmer and taller than her yellow counterpart. The guards can also be seen dressed in black robes.

Though they have near identical gold-colored eyes, their prominent hairstyles differ considerably, though they each match the color of their clothing. The yellow guard has big, slightly greenish spiky hair; the blue one wears her light blue hair in a sharp downward facing wedge.


Assisting their mistressEdit

The guards are summoned by their mistress Jody Crowley after she unsuccessfully launches an attack at Hiroko Takashiro's secluded townhouse. Her spell is broken by Takashiro's talisman, and she orders her two guards to cast some sort of powerful disorientation spell on Toru Yuge, the Tokken chief also present in Takashiro's house. However, a powerful blast from Takashiro's defensive magic blows the guards away and knocks them out, enraging their mistress even more.

Shot S3E6 guards attack

Enveloping Jody's enemies with crippling magic.

Jody's servants again spring into action when their mistress attacks the Tokken headquarters and subjugates Imari/Kitami's loyal follower Kaori Saeki. Jody orders them to attack Takashiro and Yuge when her spell is again almost deflected by one of Takashiro's magic props. One of the guards forces herself on Yuge and kisses him before he is knocked out. The other slams Takashiro to the ground and chokes her until she loses consciousness.

The final ritualEdit

Soon after, the guards reveal themselves during Imari/Kitami's ritual in the Academy basement. While wearing black robes they assist Jody in battling the witch by casting a stun spell. Kaori Saeki, now on their side, betrays her former mistress, allowing Jody to turn her into one of her pawns as well.

Shot S3E6 guards rush attack

Rushing to aid Jody.

Now with their mistress Jody in control, they assist in her mysterious ritual by inserting strange metal devices, resembling a sort of speculumWP, into the vaginas of Takashiro and Kitami's followers and victims Shiraki, Kiriya, Saeki and Yuki. They then direct the brainwashed male followers, like former police officer Naoto Yamanishi, to also violate the girls. As the ritual continues, a strange black energy emerges from the pentacle on the floor, penetrating the girls wearing the metal devices.

Then, after the Spear of Longinus fragment emerges from Aki Ichikawa, the woman in red and centerpiece of the ritual, Jody orders her guards to attack the trespassing Toru Yuge when he attempts to shoot the seal off the Bible Black spell book that also appeared during the ritual. One of the guards charges at Yuge and desperately attempts to hold him down as the other chokes Takashiro in the air by her throat. However, Yuge manages to successfully shoot the book with his gun, breaking its seal and causing the tome to shoot out dozens of small sharp fragments which pierce the guards.

Personality and traitsEdit

The guards are swift and stealthy and able to appear almost out of nowhere to surprise their targets. They blindly follow their mistress Jody's orders without question or comment. In fact, they barely speak at all, and seem to have no moral obligations on anything they are told to do.


  • The fate of the guards remains unclear. However, the blue-haired one appears to still be conscious following the ritual's end.
  • Though involved in a number of sexual acts, the guards are some of the few female characters that are not seen having sex themselves. The only named characters that also do not are Rie and Saki from the Origins prequel.
  • The guards have a slightly smaller role in the New Testament Complete Version, a single movie re-cut of the series that alters and adds several scenes. They do not appear until called by Jody to attack Takashiro and Yuge face to face, and do not participate in her first in attack near Takashiro's townhouse.


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