Hiroko Takashiro
Hiroko takashiro7
The smart and calm Academy professor.

Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Violet
Affiliations: Academy
Rose Cross
Art club
Production information
Voiced by: Jp Nagisa Futami
Us Mickie Cruise (LNdW)
Us Michelle Duhard (O)
Us Kelly Greene (NT)
Fr Dominique Vallee
Sp Ana Begoña Eguileor
Hiroko takashiro young2
Takashiro as a zealous young fanatic.

Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子 Takashiro Hiroko) is a major character in the original Bible Black game and its sequel Bible Black: The Infection. She also plays a major role in the anime adaptions Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis, its prequel Bible Black: Origins and sequel Bible Black: New Testament. Additionally, she is also featured in two scenes of Bible Black: Only.

During her student years, Takashiro starts her own witchcraft club with her classmates. The club gains considerable influence around the Academy after the girls find the Bible Black spell book. However, Takashiro's attempt to summon an actual demon to gain his power backfires, and her club's leadership is usurped by student council president Nami Kozono, forever changing Takashiro's opinion about occult magic.

Twelve years later, Takashiro becomes an art teacher and faculty advisor to the art club at the same school she attended herself. She is confronted by her past when school nurse and witch Reika Kitami reveals her true identity. Along with her art student Taki Minase, Takashiro tries to stop the evil woman from exchanging souls with student Kurumi Imari.

Several years later, she leaves the school and lives a more secluded life as a nun. She again fights Kitami and her followers after the mysterious Jody Crowley revives the witches' soul inside Imari's body.


Shot S2E1 rose cross apartment

Reading up on magic with Rie and Saki.

As a student, Takashiro has a great interest in witchcraft, claiming the power of darkness can perform miracles. She studies it to learn the truth of history, since witchcraft has been part of life since ancient times.[1] She plays games of tarot with her friends Rie and Saki at school and they occasionally gather and imitate the black magic rituals they read about.[2]

Later she takes an interest in art and becomes an instructor and faculty advisor for the Academy art club. She is very popular among both male and female students, some of them having chosen art class just because of her.[3]


Hiroko takashiro adultbody

Takashiro as a teacher.

Takashiro has violet eyes and red hair at mid-length in her youth but wears it long and flowing as an adult. She shortens it later in life as a nun where she usually hides it under a white hood.

Like all students, Takashiro wears her Academy uniform while at school during her youth. At home, she is seen dressed in an orange-blue sweater with a high white collar and green skirt with long white stocking or socks. She dons a black hooded robe during summoning rituals with her witchcraft club.

Shot S3E2 takashiro full body robe

In a robe and veil.

As an adult art teacher, Takashiro wears a somewhat formal outfit consisting of a white with dark purple jacket with white cuffs on both sleeves and a red skirt. There is a distinctive yellow bow-tied cravat below her white collar. Additionally, she wears long black stockings that reach up to her thighs and black high heels. Her lips are covered with red lipstick and she wears two green pearl-shaped jewels in her ear.

After her conversion to a more secluded lifestyle, Takashiro dresses in a simple purple robe with a white veil. She later wears a revealing purple with yellow robe and a beaded talisman around her neck. She is also briefly seen wearing a red kimonoWP.


Shot S2E1 takashiro bible black

Intent on learning the dark book's secrets.

Using the magic bookEdit

After student council president Nami Kozono tells her off for playing tarot after school, Takashiro and her friends Rie and Saki attempt to have their magic club recognized as an official extracurricular organization. Their bid is denied, and Takashiro decides to translate the magic book Rie discovered.

Shot S2E1 takashiro tells off rie and saki

Telling off Rie and Saki.

Though the girls can only make out a few pages at first, they decide to test the grimoire's power by casting a spell on Junko Mochida, the student council member who told them their bid was denied and scolded them. To their amazement, the spell causes Mochida to masturbate in front of assembly in the school's gymnasium.

Unsure if the book was really behind Mochida's lewd incident, Takashiro tells her friends to keep their involvement a secret after Saki lets some of it slip to her classmates, leading to a police investigation.

Shot S2E2 takashiro magic

Dominating students with magic.

Their doubts about the book's validity are definitively taken away when the girls successfully help the unpopular student Hiratani win the heart of the lesbian Nami Kozono with a spell, causing the girl to instantly fall in love with him.

Soon after, Takashiro and her friends gain considerable influence and notoriety around the school when both students and teachers buy their magic charms for hefty sums of money.

Shot S2E2 takashiro chanting

Preparing to summon a demon.

Even Kozono later approaches Takashiro and desperately begs her to make Hiratani pay more attention to her. But instead of granting the council president´s request, Takashiro dispels the original love charm she put her under.

Confronted by the powers of HellEdit

Feeling confident in herself and the book's powers, Takashiro soon plans to summon the Devil himself on Walpurgis Night in the hopes of obtaining godlike abilities. She allows Kozono to join her club, now called Rose Cross, amused by the fact the girl used to look down on their magical exploits. Kozono offers to arrange a required human sacrifice and uses her influence as council president to provide the club with a practice room: the school's basement.

Shot S2E2 takashiro pleasured

Pleasured by the vicious hell spawn.

The girls decide to first attempt to summon a lesser demon during a practice ritual by sacrificing a small puppy. The ritual horribly backfires and the virgin Takashiro is mercilessly raped by the summoned demon, causing her to slip in a coma for three days.[4]

Her experience leads Takashiro to have an epiphany. She realizes they are amateurs and should not be playing with dark powers they do not understand.[5]

Shot S2E2 takashiro pleads to kozono

Begging Kozono, Rie and Saki to stop.

She leaves the club and tries to warn her friends not to continue with the ritual, but they ignore her. Kozono, having usurped leadership of the club, orders Rie and Saki to lock her in a room on the ritual night. She manages to escape sometime later, only to find all her friends slaughtered and the Bible Black missing.[6]

Returning to school as an art teacherEdit

Having learned of the dangers of toying with occult magic firsthand, Takashiro takes to studying white magic instead for the next twelve years, keeping her knowledge of magic well hidden.

Shot S4E1 takashiro caught

Caught in the act by the vice-principal.

After graduating, she continues to study the history of the Bible Black and eventually returns to the Academy to become an art instructor and faculty advisor for the art club. For years she guards the basement room, believing to be the only person who knows about what really happened there.

However, Takashiro's demonic encounter during her youth has left a lasting psychological trauma. When she stumbles upon a picture of a demon in the school's library, a shadow creeps up to her and the teacher starts feeling aroused as she flashbacks to the incident. She masturbates in a toilet stall but is caught and assaulted by the school's vice-principal, who has seemingly been possessed by the demon himself. Takashiro gives in to her cravings and willingly has sex with him.

Shot S4E2 takashiro fantasy

Takashiro's ultimate fantasy.

Takashiro's attractive looks make her quite popular among the students, particularly the boys. Some of her seniors even draw pornographic pictures of her on their reports. The feeling is somewhat mutual, as the professor fantasizes about her students having sex with her one by one while masturbating.
Shot S1E2 takashiro warns minase

Telling Minase to take heed of Kitami.

Victim of revengeEdit

As strange events again start to happen around the Academy, Takashiro grows suspicious of school nurse Reika Kitami. She warns her art student Taki Minase to be cautious of her, and suspects him to be using primitive magic spells on his fellow students much like she did in her youth.

Shot S1E3R takashiro gagged

Tortured and raped by Kitami.

Minase ignores her words, however, and his mind is later corrupted by Kitami. He assists in kidnapping Takashiro by allowing Kitami's other lackey Kaori Saeki to stun her.

Takashiro is taken to Saeki's apartment and horribly water tortured and raped repeatedly. She is forced by Kitami to reveal her history with the Rose Cross club and discovers that the nurse was the human sacrifice intended to be offered to the Devil twelve years ago.

Shot S1E3R takashiro rediscovers bible

Rediscovering the lost Bible Black.

Kitami drugs her with sexual stimulants and lets several of Takashiro's art students have sex with her the following day in the art club room. However, Minase has a change of heart and manages to safely take her to his house afterwards. There, Takashiro rediscovers the Bible Black on his desk and finds out that Kitami made a temporary contract with the Devil in exchange for her soul.

Shot S1E4 takashiro holds minase's hand

Feeling the chemical arousal.

When Minase returns home, she explains her past and Kitami's intentions to him. They then have sex at Takashiro's desperate request order to subdue the still lingering effects of the stimulants given to her.

Stopping Kitami's dark ritualEdit

The next day, Takashiro again persuades Minase into having sex. Soon after, she saves his life when he is stabbed by student Rika Shiraki as revenge for doing nothing to save her in her time of need. She magically stuns the girl and heals Minase's wounds.

Shot S1E5 minase and takashiro research

Frantically researching the Bible Black with Minase.

They make their way back to Minase's house, and Takashiro convinces Minase to use the Bible Black to stop Kitami. They devise a plan to stop the nurse from exchanging bodies on Walpurgis Night with Minase's friend Kurumi Imari, whom she also kidnapped in order to trick the Devil into sparing her soul. In a race against time they research the Forbidden Spell found in the grimoire.

Shot S1E5 takashiro spell

Defending Minase from Saeki's club.

Just before midnight, they make their way to the school to disrupt Kitami's ceremony. Takashiro uses a spell to break through the magic barrier erected around the building by the evil witch and swiftly knocks out Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki when they attempt to block their way to the basement.
Shot S1E6 takashiro grabbed

Grabbed by Kitami's evil male goons.

Minase sneaks into the basement alone wearing a disguise, and Takashiro enters moments later to urge him to proceed with the spell after he is distracted by visions cast by Kitami, who is about to perform the soul exchanging ritual with Imari. Takashiro is grabbed from behind by Kitami's followers and raped, but Minase successfully recites the spell, killing Kitami's body and ending the ritual.

Later, life around the Academy seemingly returns to normal after Takashiro wipes the memories of Kitami's followers,[7] but she eventually discovers that Kitami's soul has managed to live on inside Imari. She finds a way to seal the nurse inside and consequently makes Imari forget about the events that transpired on Walpurgis Night.[more information needed, requires Japanese to English translator]

Shot S3 takashiro path to light

Takashiro embraces the light.

Path to light and the return of evilEdit

Later in life, Takashiro is raped by two thugs in a downtown area before joining a monastery of sorts, where she also appears to have sex with a monk or priest in exchange for a scroll during a quest for magic purity. She studies several ancient texts and climbs a mountain, committing herself to a more secluded lifestyle as a white-robed nun. She moves to a traditional wooden townhouse years later.[more specific information needed, requires Japanese to English translator]

One day, Takashiro's former student Shiraki, now a substitute teacher at the Academy, pays her a visit and they reminisce about their time at school, discussing the fate of Imari and Kitami.

Shot S3E3 takashiro and aki in taxi

Escorting Aki to the hospital.

Soon after, Takashiro has a powerful premonition, realizing the seal around Kitami has broken.

Similarly, while walking around the city later, Takashiro senses a ceremony involving the young woman Aki Ichikawa is about to begin in the Academy basement. She is confronted by the mysterious girl Jody Crowley and uses her necklace talisman to battle her after realizing that witch Kitami has awakened inside Imari's body,. They exchange spells, and Takashiro manages to create a barrier around Aki, disrupting the basement ritual before being knocked out.

Shot S3E3 takashiro with imari

Dominated by Imari/Kitami.

Takashiro is awakened by Shiraki sometime after, finding Jody has disappeared. She makes her way to the Academy basement with Shiraki to retrieve Aki, and identifies her as the Devil's partner, the one occultist Aleister Crowley is looking for. She uses her magic to heal the girl and brings her to the hospital, vowing to stop Kitami this time.

Assaulted by evil againEdit

At night, Takashiro confronts Imari in a broken greenhouse. She reveals that she knows the woman is really Kitami. They battle, but Takashiro is quickly overpowered when some of Imari's robed followers appear chanting from the darkness. With her defenses crippled, Takashiro is powerless to stop Imari/Kitami from violently raping her.

Shot S3E5 takashiro research

Helping Yuge's research.

Takashiro later meets Chief Toru Yuge of the Tokken paranormal investigation agency, who has contacted her about the strange incidents that have been occurring. She sees him in her townhouse, and they discuss the history and plans of Jody, her Devil worshiping cult and the ancient Spear of Longinus artifact related to the incidents.

Shot S3E5 yuge breaks spell

Yuge breaks Jody's spell with a talisman.

Just when she informs Yuge that Kitami is in control of Imari's body, they are attacked by Jody and her two guards from outside the house. Using her talisman, Yuge helps Takashiro break Jody's spells after she has a vision of Shiraki being brutally tortured by Imari/Kitami and her followers.

Takashiro and Yuge make their way to the Academy in Yuge's car. But on the way, Yuge decides to head back to the Tokken headquarters first to check up on Aki and Yamanishi, a former police investigator. Takashiro, having brought along a strange wrapped package, argues that they should go to the school and stop Imari/Kitami, but Yuge overrules her.

Shot S3E6 takashiro choked

Confrontation with Jody's guard.

When they arrive at Tokken, they are confronted by Jody Crowley once again. Takashiro exchanges spells with her, and she uses the wrapped package to defend herself until Jody's guards intervene. One of them grabs Takashiro by the neck and strangles her until she loses consciousness.

The final ritualEdit

Shot S3E6 yamanishi kisses takashiro

Abused by the possessed Yamanishi.

Takashiro is brought to the Academy basement and is forced to participate in a vast orgy under Imari/Kitami's direction, direction while Imari/Kitami is focused on Aki's body on the altar.

Soon after, Jody Crowley interrupts the ritual and overpowers Imari/Kitami. She engages in her own ritual, which Takashiro identifies as the Ritual of Coronzon. Jody's guards insert a strange metal device into Takashiro's vagina and those of several other girls. During the ritual, mysterious black energy emerges from the floor, penetrating Takashiro and the others through the devices. A bright white flash then flares out of Aki's abdomen, and the Spear of Longinus fragment emerges from within her body.

Shot S3E6 takashiro book reveal

Reunited with a familiar book.

Toru Yuge enters the room and undoes Takashiro's restraints. He gives her the wrapped package, revealing several arrows inside. Takashiro throws four of them towards Jody before they fly off and land on either side.

Eventually, the original Bible Black spell book emerges. Takashiro quickly throws her last arrow at it, but it is deflected. At Takashiro's advice, Yuge uses his gun to break the seal around the book. As Takashiro tries to recite a defensive spell, large purple arms emerge from the book's pages, grabbing the souls of Jody and Kitami. The Devil's voice resonates, offering the women a contract. Terrified, Takashiro flashes back to her own demonic encounter in her youth.

Shot S3E6 yuge with takashiro

Wearing a kimono after the ritual.

Jody accepts the contract, and both souls are dragged into the book. Takashiro again recites her previous spell using her talisman and quickly seals the tome, causing it to disappear into the basement floor.

After being helped up by Yuge, Takashiro meets him again sometime later at the repaired greenhouse.

In the gamesEdit

Bible Black: La Noche de WalpurgisEdit

Similar to the anime, Takashiro oversees the activities in the art club. The teacher appears to be quite strict on player Minase due to him often skipping club meetings. She assigns him to paint a portrait of his friend Kurumi Imari to be exhibited in an upcoming college art show. Later, Takashiro becomes suspicious of Minase's actions when he returns the Art Room key later than normal but does not interrogate him any further.

Shot GAME1 takashiro stun gun

Takashiro armed with a stun gun.

A few days later, she clashes into Minase again when the boy is on the way to rescue Imari from school bully Inoue and his goons in the gymnasium storeroom.

  • If Minase gave the Bible Black magic book he found to his classmate Kaori Saeki, he discovers that the girl switched it with a porn magazine instead. Left with no choice, he asks the professor to help rescue Imari. Takashiro swiftly handles the situation with her stun gun, zapping Inoue and his goons several times.

Suspicious of Minase's magicEdit

Shot GAME1 takashiro knockout

Subdued by Minase and his ally.

As Minase continues his magical exploits, Takashiro starts to realize that someone must be using black magic on campus. She begins to scope out the basement room and eventually figures out Minase is connected to her suspicions, leading to two possible outcomes:

  • If Minase gave in to the evil witch and school nurse Reika Kitami, Takashiro confronts him in the art room about his recent activities and tries to stop him. Her effort is futile, however, as the boy is already corrupted. She quickly overpowers the demon he is infused with, but is suddenly attacked by student Rika Shiraki, who stabs her with a sleeping drug. In another storyline, it is Imari who takes her out with a martial art technique.
Shot GAME1 takashiro explains

Explaining her magic history to Minase.

  • If Minase did not become Kitami's servant, Takashiro encounters him after he exits the basement room. She explains her history with the witchcraft club that was brutally murdered twelve years ago, and they discuss the current threat of the Bible Black. The two decide to join forces to stop Saeki from repeating the massacre once again.
    • If Minase has encountered Kitami and escaped from her before, he also reveals the possibility of Kitami being involved with the incident. Although Takashiro does not believe it at first, she decides to trust Minase and starts gathering information about the woman.
Shot GAME1 takashiro device

Humiliated by Kitami.

Taken captive and torturedEdit

Following being knocked out in the above storyline, Takashiro is taken to Saeki's apartment where she is tortured with wax and later water by the evil Kitami. The witch and her follower Minase proceed to rape her several times throughout the night, drugging her with an overdose of aphrodisiacs. The next day, the art teacher is forced to participate in a massive orgy in the art room with her students.

Taking Revenge on MinaseEdit

Similarly, after an orgy in the art club, Takashiro is taken back to Saeki's apartment and forced to participate in a depraved spectacle of sex and torture. The art teacher still manages to have some sanity left, and plans to escape when Kitami and Saeki are out of sight. She pretends to seduce Minase into having sex with her.

Shot GAME1 minase deflects takashiro

Minase foils Takashiro's escape.

  • If Minase saved swim team member Miyuki Nonogusa earlier, he agrees to have sex with Takashiro, but she stabs him with a hypodermic needle filled with an undiluted aphrodisiac. His body and mind are overcome with pleasure until he dies, allowing Takashiro to free Imari and escape.
  • If Minase blackmailed Nonogusa along with her fellow team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto, he notices the aphrodisiac in Takashiro's possession and knocks it out of her hand. The boy then stabs her with the needle instead, sending the art teacher into a crazed ecstasy.
    • If Minase chose to magically seduce Imari in an earlier story point, he collects the container of the drug's remains along with the needle which he uses to betray Kitami and take over as leader of her coven.
Shot GAME1 takashiro saeki magic

Confronting Saeki's magic.

Teaming up with MinaseEdit

Continuing from the storyline that Minase joined force with Takashiro, the two decide to have a direct confrontation with Saeki.

Restoring the Forbidden SpellEdit

In the storyline where Minase returns from Saeki's apartment with the burned Bible Black, Takashiro manages to restore the Forbidden Spell using Minase's computer and notes he took from the book. The teacher informs Minase that the key to victory is now in their hands and they will be definitely save Imari and stop Kitami's plan.

Shot GAME1 takashiro shoots gun

Firing bullets at Kitami.

The final confrontationEdit

On the last night of April when the ritual takes place, Takashiro and Minase head to the Academy basement after disguising themselves with black robes they stole from Kitami's underlings earlier. After dispelling the magic barrier around the building, Takashiro overpowers Saeki, who attempts to block their way. She then confronts Kitami, who is about to exchange souls with Imari.

  • If Minase gave the Bible Black to Saeki in an earlier storyline, Takashiro fires a warning shot at the witch before shooting her with a gun. However, Kitami manages to switch bodies with Imari and kills the art teacher with a knife when she is caught off guard.
Shot GAME1 takashiro forbiddenspell

Casting the Forbidden Spell.

  • If Minase and Takashiro successfully restored the Forbidden Spell, Takashiro recites it and closes the Devil's portal, preventing Kitami from completing the ritual. Her plan foiled, Kitami tries to stab Imari with the knife but ends up stabbing herself when her contract with the Devil expires. As the witch dies, Takashiro sympathizes with her for being a victim as well, but adds that Kitami chose the wrong method to prolong her life. Afterwards, Takashiro gathers all the evidence to help the police close the case, and continues to watch over Minase and Imari.


Takashiro's fate varies among the endings, though she perishes in almost all of them, save from the True Ending. In most storylines she is either tortured into insanity, arrested for the murder of Kitami, or is murdered herself.

If she survives, she removes all the evidence of the events that have transpired and wipes all the coven members' memories.

Personality and traitsEdit

Shot S2E2 takashiro blood spray

Eager for animal sacrifice.

Intelligent and calculating, Takashiro is considerably more sinister and power hungry as a young student and leader of her Rose Cross witchcraft club than later in life. She eagerly kills and sacrifices a puppy to summon a demon and expresses no hesitation at the idea of human sacrifice. Her blind faith in the Bible Black and her newfound powers give her an arrogant and overzealous attitude. Though she does discuss her plans with the other members of her club, in particular her friends Rie and Saki, she is quite authoritative, and has often already made a decision in which the others ultimately have little say in, such as when she announces that Nami Kozono can join the club because it amuses her.

Shot S1E1 takashiro smiles

Smiling at art students Minase and Imari.

Takashiro's encounter with a demon radically changes her outlook. She realizes that they are in way over their heads, and desperately tries to convince her fellow members to abandon their magic exploits.

Deeply regretting her actions as a student, Takashiro's adulthood personality is more docile and considerate. She completely turns away from black magic and partly blames herself for the deaths of her club members. Although she does become a lot friendlier, she maintains her resolve; and is not afraid to confront her enemies or to call them out.

Takashiro later becomes even more dedicated to white magic, and starts living a secluded and altruistic life as a nun.

Shot S4E1 takashiro devil slave

Takashiro indulging in perversion.


Takashiro appears to be heterosexual, but shows little romantic or sexual interest in her youth, instead focusing mostly on her witchcraft club and occult exploits. Hence, the demon that rapes her is Takashiro's first sexual encounter.[8]

Despite Takashiro's rational calmness, especially as an adult, she also conceals more perverted thoughts, possibly as a result of the demonic encounter in her youth. She longs for the same sensation the demon gave her, fantasizes about her students and later, though drugged with aphrodisiacs, eagerly asks her student Taki Minase to have sex with her on multiple occasions.

Later as a nun, Takashiro seems to have shrugged off her perverted tendencies, and appears to have adapted a celibate lifestyle.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Animation S2E2 takashiro pushes prefect

Pushing aside the Academy prefect.

With her deep fascination for the occult, Takashiro has had a grasp of magic since her youth. The initial pretend-rituals and tarot games she performs with her witchcraft club friends Rie and Saki are quite innocuous, but she learns of genuine dark magic when studying the Bible Black grimoire, mastering some of the perverted spells inside.

She also learns the steps of an occult demon summoning ritual and even a basic telekinetic spell, which she uses to push away some of the prefects that attempt to stop her.

Shot S1E5 shiraki stunned

Blasting Shiraki with a stun beam.

Although she later turns her back on the occult, Takashiro continues to hone her magic skills into adulthood. She masters several powerful spells, mostly used for protection, such as the ability to summon Angel Aries, a shiny white angel.

Shot S3E3 takashiro casting

The nun preparing a spell.

She also wields a powerful stun spell which she uses to incapacitate Rika Shiraki and Kaori Saeki's coven. Additionally, she has the power to heal some quite serious injuries, such as Taki Minase's stab wound, and is able to selectively erase people's recent memories.

Following Takashiro's encounter with Reika Kitami's witchcraft, she starts studying ancient white magic in a secluded monastery, gaining even more potent defensive spells. She masters several powerful incantations and utilizes a number of magic props, such as a beaded talisman and several magic arrows. She also gains some sort of premonition powers and is able to sense what happens to the people close to her.



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