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Imari Rape Scene
Series: Only - Episode 3
Cover S4E3 Only3
Release dates: January 25, 2006
Written by:  ?
Directed by:  ?
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Volume 2

The Imari Rape Scene is a scene included in the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis DVD collection set, released on the 25th of January, 2006.[1] It is considered a part of the Bible Black: Only series and remains one of the few Bible Black productions that is available in a censored version only, due to being released in Japan exclusively.

The episode consists of only one ten minute scene that depicts Academy student Kurumi Imari being assaulted and raped at school by a male student.


On a late evening, student Kurumi Imari is leaving her Academy classroom. As she makes her way down the hallway wearing her backpack, a male student is secretly stalking her every move. He suddenly lunches forwards and grabs the girl by her breasts. She screams and tries to push him away, but he covers her mouth and holds down her arm behind her back.

Shot S4E3 imari grabbed

This boy skips the foreplay.

Her fellow student drags her into a storage room and takes out his penis. Shocked, Imari tries to run, but he painfully grabs her by her hair and forces her to give him oral sex. Afterwards, Imari quickly tries to make a run for the door again without success. The boy again quickly grabs her by her breasts and starts groping them. He proceeds to strip off her clothes and rapes her.

After the boy licks her feet and continues having sex with her, Imari stops resisting and gives in to her arousal. She starts riding her attacker willingly, and even affectionately licks him back.

Finally, the boy ejaculates over Imari's half naked body. He grabs her striped panties and puts them in his pocket before walking out and closing the door, leaving behind a panting and soiled Imari.


  • It is not clear when exactly Imari is assaulted by her fellow student, but since she was a virgin during the events of the first anime series, evidenced by the fact Reika Kitami was able to successfully embed her soul inside her on Walpurgis Night, this would seem to imply that Kitami's soul was already in Imari's body during the events of this scene, albeit sealed up by Hiroko Takashiro.
  • The scene is somewhat reminiscent of one in the first Bible Black game, wherein Imari is assaulted by the school bully Inoue and his gang in the gymnasium store room as well.



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