Jody Crowley
Descendant of a powerful occultist.

Personal information
Gender: Female (Hermaphrodite)
Hair color: Greenish Blond
Eye color: Turquoise
Affiliations: Aleister Crowley
Production information
Voiced by: Jp Reira
Us Laura Burken
Fr ?
Sp ?

Jody Crowley (ジョディ・クロウリー) is a major character and primary antagonist in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

With her powerful magic abilities she attempts to fulfill her grandfather's prophecy and find the mystical woman in red. She manipulates students and teachers of the Academy to do her bidding, and resurrects the soul of witch Reika Kitami in an attempt to accelerate her plans. Jody eventually battles Kitami and has several confrontations with white magic adept Hiroko Takashiro.


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Shot S3 jody's school

Jody attending a private school?

She is the granddaughter of Aleister Crowley, a famous 20th century occultist who founded the religious philosophy of Thelema. His followers believed Jody was the destined to be the woman in red or Scarlet Woman, the Devil's partner that is prophesied to give birth to an omnipotent being.

Jody inherited her grandfather's abilities and has extensive knowledge on the occult, possessing a number of powerful and mysterious spells (see below). She also has two magically skilled female guards at her disposal. They are most likely devout followers of her grandfather's cult as well.

At some point, Jody was presumed to have died in a plane crash.


Shot S3E5 jody red dress

Jody in her red dress.

She has short greenish blond hair and turquoise colored eyes that occasionally flash a bright red when she is casting a magic spell. She appears as someone in her early 20's, though her actual age is likely to be much older, considering that she is a grandchild of Aleister Crowley.

She appears to be a student of the Academy and wears a school uniform, but this could possibly only be a guise in order for her to spy on the school and its students and teachers. She is more commonly seen wearing a ghostly white outfit and translucent cloak with a red bow-tied ribbon around her neck.

Though she is not seen wearing it during the anime's storyline, an older photo of Jody appears on Hiroko Takashiro's computer screen in which she is wearing a revealing red dress on what appears to be some sort of party or gathering.


Shot S3E1 jody floats

Floating past a museum window.

Orchestrating mysterious eventsEdit

At night, Jody is lurking around a museum. She floats along a window on the third floor of the building, distracting one of the museum's guards. She then brutally murders a man and a young green-haired Academy student who just moments ago were having sex while discussing the Spear of Longinus, the ancient artifact Jody is pursuing.

Shot S3E1 jody floats over yoshitani

Floating over Yoshitani and Yuki.

Sometime later, Jody goes to the Academy building and watches student Yuki Toudou seduce the young teacher Yoshitani while probing him about the artifact. As she floats in mid-air over the roof of the building, she overhears the teacher telling Yuki that his father has the spear. She then magically sets the couple ablaze in a roaring firing, killing them both. The teacher's body is burned to a crisp, but Yuki's body somehow remains completely intact.

Shot S3E1 jody confronts imari

Confronting Imari.

The next day, as police and Tokken paranormal investigators are examining the bodies of her victims, Jody again appears floating over the roof. She envelops the area with some sort of magic bubble glowing with an eerie purple light. Shen then fires a bolt of powerful lightning at the pool on the roof, blinding Tokken investigators Kurumi Imari, her chief Toru Yuge and young police investigator Naoto Yamanishi. The latter experiences a vision of his former teacher and teenage crush Reika Kitami in the bright flash before passing out.

Connecting with YukiEdit

Shot S3E2 jody standing over yuki

Reviving Yuki Toudou.

Jody later visits Yuki in the autopsy room of a hospital late at night. She performs a mysterious ritual using the souls of two dead cats and her own blood to revive the girl, creating some sort of link between her and allowing Jody to see what Yuki sees.

Using the sight provided by Yuki, Jody witnesses her and a group of female students perform a ritual in the Academy basement sometime later. While standing on a walkway outside the school, she sees Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima having sex with teacher Kaori Saeki through Yuki's eyes. Saeki, the leader leader of the group, is then joined by Tokken agent Imari. However, the girl's body is now in control of witch Reika Kitami, whose soul had been dormant inside her for years.

Shot S3E3 jody spell

Launching a spell from the walkway.

Jody continues to observe Imari/Kitami dunking the Spear of Longinus tip in a golden chalice filled with Oshima's semen before vaginally inserting it inside Aki Ichikawa, Imari's Tokken colleague who has been restrained on a stone pedestal.

Jody then notices the robed nun Hiroko Takashiro watching her from below the walkway. The woman attempts to cast a spell, but Jody blocks it with one of her own. Jody then fires a powerful lightning bolt at her and leaves soon after, but not before Takashiro manages to disturb the ritual in the basement and create a barrier around Aki's body.

Making a pactEdit

Shot S3E4 jody takes in yuki

Taking in Yuki as her servant.

The next day, Jody checks up on Yuki at school. She watches her through one of the windows of her class while wearing an inconspicuous Academy uniform. She then sees the dazed vice-principal Oshima stumbling along the school grounds before he is hit by a truck.

Sometime later, Jody again meets with Yuki on the roof of the school. She seduces and pleasures her, revealing a large penis from between her legs. She then makes Yuki promise to be her loyal servant, casting another spell that causes several symbols to appear on Yuki's abdomen, ensuring the girl's absolute obedience to her. Yuki, now completely consumed with love and lust for Jody, pledges that she will help her carry out Aleister Crowley's prophecy. Satisfied, Jody passionately makes love to the young student.

Shot S3E5 jody's soul in yuki

Seeing through Yuki's eyes.

Through Yuki, Jody later disrupts another one of Imari/Kitami's rituals through Yuki, using a powerful magic force to knock out almost everyone involved. Her loyal devotee is left standing, however, and she is captured by Kitami's followers after they realize she is under Jody's control.

Shot S3E5 jody with guards

Jody calls her guard.

Stepping out of the shadowsEdit

Next, Jody focuses her attention back to Takashiro. She attacks her from outside her townhouse while the woman meets with Tokken chief Toru Yuge. She attempts to engage in the Ritual of the Vulgar to cripple her, but is baffled when the nun successfully deflects her magic. She summons her two female guards, and together they launch several disorientation spells at the house. However, these too are deflected, frustrating Jody as her guards are knocked out.

Shot S3E6 jody spell cast

Blasting Takashiro and Yuge with magic.

Soon after, Jody confronts Imari/Kitami's follower Saeki at the Tokken headquarters. Using her powerful magic, she corrupts her mind as she did Yuki's, turning her into a willing servant. She makes the woman give her oral sex, during which she is interrupted by Takashiro and Yuge. She exchanges spells with Takashiro and again has her guards assist her in knocking both of them out.

The final ritualEdit

Shot S3E6 jody reveal

Revealing herself to Imari/Kitami.

Jody allows Saeki to return to the school basement with Takashiro, and later joins her there just as Imari/Kitami attempts to finalize her orgy ritual with Aki Ichikawa, the woman in red Jody and her followers have been searching for. She interferes, and exchanges several spells with Imari/Kitami. After her guards join in on the fight, Saeki reveals her new allegiance to Jody and assist in knocking Imari/Kitami out.

Shot S3E6 jody holds imari-kitami

Humiliating her adversary.

Now in complete control, Jody engages in her own ritual, the Ritual of Coronzon. She has her guards insert strange metal devices in the vaginas of her female victims, including her mind-controlled allies Saeki and Yuki. Meanwhile, she has sex with Imari/Kitami, humiliating and taunting her for having to be on the receiving end for once.

Shot S3E6 spear appears to jody

The Spear of Longinus reappears.

Following their intense fornication, a dark energy emerges from the glowing magic circle on the floor which penetrates the girls wearing the metal devices. Just as Jody prepares to impregnate Aki to fulfill her prophecy, the Spear of Longinus fragment shoots out from the girl's abdomen.

At that very moment, Tokken chief Toru Yuge enters the basement, and hands Takashiro a bundle of arrows after undoing her restrains. The woman throws the arrows at Jody, but she deflects them harmlessly.

Shot S3E6 jody's soul dragged

Jody's soul is dragged away.

Then, the Spear of Longinus causes the Bible Black spell book to emerge, and despite Jody's guards intervening, Yuge manages to break to seal around the book with a shot from his gun, killing the guards and causing large purple arms to shoot out from the book. They grab a hold of Jody and Kitami's souls as the Devil's voice resonates, offering them a contract. Jody accepts, but is suddenly struck with a realization following a recited spell from Takashiro. She desperately cries as her soul is dragged into the book.

Jody is later seen back in an Academy uniform on the school grounds.

Personality and traitsEdit

Shot S3E6 jody laugh

Laughing triumphantly to Kitami.

Jody Crowley is intelligent, arrogant, power hungry, and psychotic. She cares little for others and delights in the pain and humiliation she causes along the way to achieving her goals. She is also intelligent and cunning, as seen through her social manipulations and expert use of black magic.

Jody inherited her grandfather's extensive knowledge on the occult and devout followers who believe her to be the woman in red. She has two magically skilled female guards at her disposal, most likely devout followers of her grandfather's cult as well.

Shot S3E4 yuki kisses jody

Making passionate love to Yuki.


Though not specifically stated, Jody is most likely lesbian, as all sexual encounters depicted in the New Testament series are with female characters. However, she does not appear to show many true affections or sexual interest in either gender, instead using sex mostly as a tool for control and domination. She notably has an intense erotic scene with Yuki Toudou and later with her rival Imari/Kitami. At the beginning of the series and the Complete Version, however, she is present during multiple sexual encounters and only masturbates or watches from afar.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Shot S3E3 jody lightning attack

Launching a lightning attack.

As a descendant of the great occultist Aleister Crowley, Jody is skilled in dark magic and various powerful abilities, including levitation and a lightning spell. She also possesses a powerful disorientation spell, which envelops her target in a purple haze that drains their energy.

Similar to her nemesis Kitami, Jody can transform her clitoris into a penis at will.

Shot S3E6 jody casting

Casting one of her spells.

One of her other prominent abilities is the power to take control over anyone she wishes and turn them into her loyal servants, like what she does to Takeshi Oshima and Yuki Toudou. Jody also possesses great knowledge of dark rituals, callously mocking Kitami when the latter's plan to resurrect the Bible Black is unsuccessful.

Her power seems to be on par with Hiroko Takashiro's white magic, as the nun successfully defends against Jody's attack after she calls her two subordinates. In a later encounter, however, Jody successfully overpowers her.


  • Much of Jody's backstory remains unclear in the New Testament anime. As does her exact involvement in the events portrayed, particularly in the first episode.
  • Jody and her grandfather are the only named characters in the series that have an English name instead of a Japanese one.
  • She is also one of the few female characters that is not seen having sex with any males.
  • The love-making scene with Yuki and Jody on the roof has been removed completely in the New Testament Complete Version, a single movie re-cut of the series.


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