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Shot S2E1 kitami's lunch

'Milk', yeah right.

Kitami's breakfast (北見の朝食) is a collection of food products featured in the Bible Black: Origins series.

The meal, worth 240 yen, is purchased from a street vendor by student Reika Kitami as she makes her way to school. It includes a small carton of milk and two bread items wrapped in separate plastic bags.


Shot S2E1 kitami lunch

Kitami gets a free breakfast.

While rushing to school in a hurry, the newly enrolled blond student Reika Kitami is too hungry to continue running. She stops to get breakfast at a local vendor, but discovers she does not have enough money to pay for it. She bargains with the vendor to leave the bread, but the friendly man behind the counter gives her the meal for free, saying that his business lives on hungry students like her. He then wraps the lunch in a paper bag. Kitami tells him she just moved to the neighborhood and introduces herself.

The girl later feeds part of her free breakfast to a puppy dog she finds on the street. However, the dog is brutally killed by fellow student Hiroko Takashiro and her wacko witchcraft club members in order to summon a demon. But the occultist fanatic gets what she deserves for killing the poor dog by being raped repeatedly by the demon. Serves her right.

Oh, Kitami is later raped and turns into a sex-crazed witch that terrorizes and abuses pretty much everyone she meets later in life. That's what altruism gets you, I guess. Lesson learned.


  • Kitami is later seen with more food items at school, wrapped in another paper bag. However, it is unknown if this was also purchased from the same vendor or brought from home. Nobody cares, though.
  • Just before she is tricked by one of Nami Kozono's thugs, Kitami is seen with one of her paper lunch bags. However, the bag is no longer with her when she is violently raped in both holes by the thugs in an abandoned warehouse. So it probably went to waste. What is this world coming to?
  • 240 yen equals to about 2 US dollars. Which is, depending on your area, fairly cheap from a street vendor.
  • The street vendor does not feature in any other Bible Black productions. Possibly because he did not charge people for his food and ran out of business.


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