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Kurumi Imari
Kurimu imari
Major Character
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Turqouise
Affiliations: Academy
Art club
Voiced by: Jp Kaori Nishijima
Us Josephine Clemens
Fr Naïké Fauveau (ep 1-2)
Dominique Vallee (ep 3-6)
Sp Estívaliz Lizárraga

Kurumi Imari (伊万里 胡桃 Imari Kurumi) mainly referred to as Imari throughout the series, is a major character featured in the first and second eroge games and the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and Bible Black: New Testament. She is also featured in a Bible Black: Only scene.

As a student, Imari becomes the victim of school nurse Reika Kitami, who uses her body as a vessel for her soul after Imari's friend Taki Minase is seduced to her side.

Later in life, Imari becomes a psychic investigator for the Tokken agency, but her body is once again possessed by Kitami.


During her teens, Imari lived at home with her parents, next door to Taki Minase. They have been childhood friends since kindergarten and are classmates in their senior year at the same school. They have both been members of the extracurricular art club since their first year.

Minase's parents asked Imari to take care of their son during their absence. She takes this task quite seriously, and comes over to his house every day to - sometimes violently - wake him up for school. She also occasionally cooks him dinner and shares her lunch. Over the years, Imari has secretly developed a crush on her friend.

Since she was little, Imari has been taking classes in Shorinji KempoWikipedia2, a Japanese martial art. She is quite proficient at it, having not only received a black belt, but also winning a national tournament. She uses her skills regularly to wake up Minase, including her vicious Imari Punch.


Minase's turn to darknessEdit

After her friend Taki Minase finds the magic Bible Black, she sees him attempt to casts a love charm to help their classmate Ayumi Murai gain the attention of fellow student Asada, the boy she has a crush on. Soon after, Minase and Imari see Murai and Asada having sex in the school locker room. The next day, Imari wonders if Minase's spell was really the cause of their sudden actions, but her friend denies this.

Shot S1E3 imari minase class
Disillusioned about her friend.
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When Minase goes off to Kaori Saeki's house, she worries about his recent strange behavior. When he comes home that night, Imari plans to make him dinner but catches him having sex with the attractive student council president Rika Shiraki. Shocked and devastated, Imari does not show up at school for several days. She even ignores Minase when he comes to her house.

After a few days, Imari decides to again pick up Minase at his house one morning, but runs away sobbing when he opens the door with Shiraki at his side. At school, Imari avoids Minase's gaze, but later confronts him about his strange behavior. Minase coldly ignores her questions and warns her not to come to the art club that day.

Scheduled for sacrificeEdit

Shot S1E4 imari restrained
Restrained by Kitami's lackeys.
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Imari does not follow up on his advice and catches several club students raping Shiraki and faculty advisor Hiroko Takashiro in the art room by school nurse Reika Kitami's command. Shocked, she begs Kitami and Minase to make them stop but they ignore her. Instead, Minase stuns her using a spell. Before collapsing to the ground, Imari manages to slap him, unknowingly breaking Kitami's hold over him.

She is brought to Saeki's apartment and tied naked to a table by Kitami's followers Jun and Maki. Kitami ties a chastity belt around her to preserve her virginity and force feeds her several aphrodisiac pills, causing Imari to slip into an uncontrollable sexual desire. Kitami then forces Minase to have anal intercourse with her. After that, Imari gives in to her cravings and willingly has sex with five of Kitami's male lackeys and Kitami herself.

Exchanging body and soulEdit

Imari is again put to sleep and brought to the basement of the school where she is shackled to the stone altar. On the Night of Walpurgis, Kitami's lackeys hold her down to allow their mistress to take her virginity and exchange bodies with her. Minase attempts to stop the evil nurse by reciting the Forbidden Spell, but is too late. Imari sees Kitami's childhood memories flash before her eyes and while her own soul is kept from entering Kitami's body, Kitami's soul successfully embeds itself into hers.

Shot S1E6 minase and imari make love
Making love to Minase.
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Over the next few days, life for both Imari and Minase seemingly goes back to normal. The pair finally confess their love for each other and passionately kiss and make love in Minase's bed.

However, upon hearing that Minase has brought the Bible Black back to the school basement, which is due to be sealed off with concrete, Imari makes her way down and discovers Kaori Saeki uncovering the magic tome. With a powerful gaze, Imari sets the book alight in blue flames, destroying it. She then reveals a large penis between her legs and proceeds to violently have sex with Saeki, maliciously reveling in the feeling of her new body.

Professor Takashiro eventually discovers that Kitami's soul has managed to live on inside Imari. She finds a way to seal the nurse inside and consequently makes Imari forget about the events that transpired on Walpurgis Night.

Shot S3E2 imari as police
Imari as a police officer.
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At some point during Imari's last school year, she is brutally assaulted by a male classmate. He grabs her from behind in one of the hallways, drags her into the gymnasium store room and rapes her. Imari wildly resists at first, but eventually gives in. Afterwards, the boy takes Imari's panties with him and leaves her behind alone.

Career as a psychic investigatorEdit

After school, Imari pursues a career with the police. Her encounter with Kitami seems to have granted her some psychic abilities, allowing her to successfully point out a killer from a crowd following an investigation. She attracts the attention of Toru Yuge, who recruits Imari into his paranormal agency Tokken soon after.

As a Chief Investigator of Tokken, Imari and her team later look into a series of puzzling and gruesome murders that have all occurred during sexual intercourse. Her investigation leads them to the Academy where Imari was once a student. Using her psychic powers on one of the victims, Imari deduces that a new magic circle is active in the school. A mysterious robed girl suddenly appears over the scene and casts a powerful lightning spell. She and Yuge escape unharmed, however.

Shot S3E1 imari at gunpoint
Imari and Aki held at gunpoint.
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Soon after, Imari and Yuge explore the school's basement that still shows signs of habitation. Imari reveals to her boss that she remembers being inside the room years ago.

Imari later makes her way to a bank with her fellow investigator Aki Ichikawa in order to recover an artifact related to one of the murders. They stumble upon a robbery in progress and are taken hostage. One of the robbers takes her and Aki to one of the bathrooms, knocks out her colleague and, after violently raping two bank clerks, gropes Imari and starts reciting an incantation. Upon hearing the words, Imari starts to feel her consciousness slipping away, and the soul of the evil witch Reika Kitami once again revives within her, breaking through Takashiro's seal.

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The search for the woman in redEdit

Shot S3E1 kitami reborn
Kitami reborn.
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Now back in control of Imari's body, the witch rips apart her restraints and immediately kills the bank robber leader, breaking his neck in one swift motion. She proceeds to test out her body by raping one of the female bank clerks with her penis, which has apparently resurfaced along with Kitami's soul.

Having gained all of Imari's knowledge, she turns her attention back to the artifact. She grabs the safety deposit box key and retrieves a small black object, the Spear of Longinus. She makes her way outside as police storm the bank.

Later, she reconvenes at the Tokken headquarters, still pretending to be Imari, and learns of the mysterious resurrection of Yuki Toudou in the hospital, the girl presumed to have been killed on the Academy roof.

Shot S3E2 imari-kitami rejoins saeki
Imari/Kitami rejoins her devotees.
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Imari/Kitami makes her way to the school with Aki and marches straight down the basement where they discover a perverted ritual in progress, presided over by Kaori Saeki, now a teacher and leader of a new witchcraft club. She starts taunting Aki as they spy on the ritual members, then knocks her out using a spell.

She rejoins Saeki and her club, who have been anticipating her return. She impregnates a tied down Aki in order to fulfill the prophecy of the so called woman in red mentioned in the writings of Aleister Crowley. She dunks the Spear of Longinus in a semen filled chalice and inserts it in Aki's vagina. She proceeds to have anal sex with her until a mysterious light suddenly fills up the room, creating a barrier around Aki and preventing her from being vaginally penetrated. Imari/Kitami and the other girls leave the basement, leaving Aki behind unconscious.

Recollection and revengeEdit

Shot S3E3 imari grabs takashiro
Takashiro in her clutches.
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Sometime later, Imari/Kitami is confronted by Hiroko Takashiro at a greenhouse. The woman reveals that she knows of her true identity, but Imari/Kitami is unimpressed and stuns her with the help of her followers, among them Yuki Toudou, and proceeds to rape her.

As her followers torture the kidnapped teacher Rika Shiraki, Imari/Kitami makes her way back to the Tokken headquarters, meeting former police investigator Naoto Yamanishi, who has been researching Imari's past. She drugs his coffee with some sort of stimulant and reveals herself as Kitami, whom Yamanishi had a crush on during his youth and made love to at his school.

Shot S3E5 imari interrogates yuki
Interrogating the traitor Yuki.
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Surrounded by her robed devotees, Imari/Kitami lets the boy have sex with Saki Kiriya, the student council president and one Saeki's followers whom Yamanishi believes to be Kitami in his mind. She performs a ritual by cutting into her hand and collecting a mix of semen and blood in the golden chalice. The mixture is poured over Yamanishi, corrupting his mind and body into a diabolic sexual perversion. Imari/Kitami aggressively lets him have sex with Saeki until a yellow magic barrier suddenly forms around them. She successfully dispels it, leaving only Yuki left standing. She now realizes it was through her that Jody managed to disturb her ritual.

Soon after, she has Yuki tied up and brutally tortured by Saeki and Kiriya for her betrayal. She then violates the girl herself while probing her about Jody, but Yuki does not answer, enraging Imari/Kitami and pushing her to torture the girl and her other victim Rika Shiraki even more.

The final ritualEdit

Shot S3E6 saeki betrayal
Saeki turns on her mistress.
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Imari/Kitami, her followers and victims, later gather in the Academy basement for an exuberant orgy in preparation of her ritual involving Aki Ichikawa. She orders Saeki to retrieve Yamanishi before attempting to stab Aki with a sharp dagger when she returns. The dagger is deflected, however, and Jody reveals herself with her two female guards to interrupt the ritual. The witches briefly exchange spells before Saeki suddenly grabs Imari/Kitami and holds her down, revealing she has been turned over to Jody's side.

Now in complete control, Jody takes over the ritual and passionately has sex with Imari/Kitami, causing Imari's soul to briefly resurface.

Shot S3E6 souls seperated
Souls are separated.
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She then attempts to impregnate Aki, but is blocked when the Spear of Longinus artifact shoots out of Aki's body and later forms the infamous Bible Black Imari/Kitami had been searching for. Dark purple arms shoot out from the book when Toru Yuge intervenes and shoots its metal seal with a gun. The hands grab hold of Jody's and Kitami's soul and the devil's voice resonates, offering them a contract. Jody accepts and both souls are dragged into the book. Kitami desperately calls out to her former lover Yamanishi, who has come to his senses and tries to grab her hand. But he is too late. The souls disappear and the also present Takashiro quickly seals the book into the floor with her magic, trapping Kitami's and Jody's soul inside.

Imari, now back in control of her body, returns to work for Tokken soon after when life around the Academy seemingly turns back to normal. However, unbeknownst to her, Kitami's face briefly flashes on her colleague Aki's computer screen when she checks up on her, indicating that the evil witch might not be gone forever after all.

In the gamesEdit

GAME kurumi imari
Imari in the games.
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Personality and traitsEdit


  • It is not mentioned in the Bible Black: Only scene when exactly Imari is assaulted by her fellow student, but she was a virgin during the events of the first series, evidenced by the fact Kitami was able to successfully embed her soul inside her on Walpurgis Night. It is is therefore likely the assault took place after the events of the first series.
  • It is not clear if Kitami was aware of being inside of or in control of Imari's body after her own died on the ritual night. It is possible she is only able to resurface from time to time. Perhaps as a result of the Forbidden Spell.
  • Despite Imari being her surname, almost all characters, including her close friend Minase, refer to her by this name. Only in rare instances is her full name mentioned in the anime. For example, at the end of the final episode, Kitami says her full name when she exclaims how wonderful the body of Kurumi Imari feels.
  • Kurumi is the Japanese word for walnut.
  • Kurumi's birthday is January 14th

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