Series: New Testament - Episode 5
Cover S3E5 Rejection
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Release dates: Jp December 25, 2006
Us July 28, 2009
Written by: Sousuke Kokubunji
Directed by: Yuki Shinomiya
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Rejection (Kyozetsu - 拒絶) is the fifth episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the thirteenth anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of December, 2006[1], well over a year after the previous episode. It was released in the United States on the 28th of July, 2009 under the names Third Scripture and Third Psalm in a double feature containing both Rejection and the final episode Reproduction.[2]

The powers of darkness are about to reach a climax as police investigator Naoto Yamanishi is drugged, bewitched and possessed by Imari/Kitami. Hiroko Takashiro meanwhile fights Jody Crowley and discusses the girl's plan with Tokken chief Toru Yuge. Imari/Kitami discovers her follower Yuki Toudou's deceit and brutally tortures her with the previously captured teacher Rika Shiraki. Meanwhile, Tokken agent Aki Ichikawa is back on her feet, but not out of danger yet.


Shot S3E5 imari sees yuge leave

Imari/Kitami watches Yuge leave.


At the Tokken headquarters, Chief Toru Yuge drives off in his car, leaving the recently arrived agent Kurumi Imari behind with former police investigator Naoto Yamanishi. The young man is still working tirelessly on his research behind a computer. Imari suggests he takes a break and offers him coffee. Yamanishi accepts the drink, unaware that it has been drugged by Imari moments before and that her body is really controlled by the evil witch Reika Kitami.

Shot S3E5 imari offers coffee

Yamanishi is offered some coffee.

Imari/Kitami examines Yamanishi's research and discovers he has been looking into her host body's past. She quickly closes the files on his computer and claims Chief Yuge left for an emergency when Yamanishi asks.

She also reveals that the chief told her all about how Yamanishi helped her fellow agent Aki Ichikawa in the hospital earlier and that he secured Yamanishi's police report that was supposedly destroyed when he was dismissed from the case.

Shot S3E5 kitami followers outside

The Kitami clan assembles outside.

Surprised by this sudden turn of events, Yamanishi takes another sip from his coffee. Imari/Kitami then asks him to tell her everything about the strange light that appeared over Aki's body that magically healed her mortal wound.

Act OneEdit

The drug is beginning to affect Yamanishi and he starts feeling faint. Meanwhile, outside the building, a group of Kitami's robed minions appear, among them Academy teacher Kaori Saeki and her followers, such as student council president Saki Kiriya. Holding lit candles, they patiently wait for their mistress inside.

Shot S3E5 imari-kitami

Kitami's soul reveals itself.

Sweating and panting, Yamanishi drops his drink on the floor. Imari/Kitami cryptically tells him that the ritual will soon begin and that he should bring her his bride. Dazed, the young man responds in confusion, and Imari/Kitami reveals herself to be Kitami, the teacher Yamanishi had a crush on as a teenager at school. She tells him he is no different now than how she knew him in the past. Before Yamanishi collapses to the floor, Kitami ambiguously says that she wanted to see him.

Shot S3E5 yamanishi and kiriya

Yamanishi and Kiriya make love.

While touching and kissing Imari/Kitami , Yamanishi again reminisces about his last romantic encounter with his teacher.

Soon after, still completely absorbed in his memories of his former teacher, he continues to project them on Saki Kiriya, whom he now believes to be Kitami. The girl willingly offers her body to him and they proceed to have intercourse, surrounded by Imari/Kitami and her devotees. Drawn on the floor is a large white circle inscribed with occult symbols and writings.

Shot S3E5 imari-kitami makes a cut

The witch ritualistically cuts her hand.

While watching the pair having sex, Imari/Kitami kisses her palm, creating a mysterious link between her and her followers. As she ritualistically cuts into her hand with a small dagger, her followers also simultaneously have their hand cut. Their blood drops onto the floor and the circle begins to glow in an eerie blue light. Yamanishi climaxes, and Saeki collects the mix of semen and blood in a golden chalice.

Shot S3E5 imari blood collector

Mixing blood types in the cup.

Act TwoEdit

Imari/Kitami and her robed following each drop their blood into the chalice, creating a vile concoction of bodily fluids. Saeki disrobes and pours the mixture over Yamanishi's body and into his mouth, corrupting his mind and body into a diabolic sexual perversion. His penis grows to a monstrous size, bulging with veins.

Shot S3E5 saeki subjected

Saeki gets more than she anticipated.

Initially, Saeki eagerly makes love to the boy, until he harshly grabs and penetrates her. The girl helplessly looks up at Imari/Kitami, crying that this is not what she wanted. Her mistress just coldly stares her down as Yamanishi relentlessly rapes her loyal follower in a frenzied craving.

Shot S3E5 yuki ritual candle

Jody keeps an eye on things through Yuki.

Yuki Toudou is meanwhile quietly watching the spectacle, her mind still in control of the mysterious Jody Crowley.

As Yamanishi climaxes, Imari/Kitami notices a strange marking on his neck and flashbacks to when she was cornered some time ago in a bank by an occultist bank robber with the same markings who revived the soul of Reika Kitami within her.

Shot S3E5 imari dispells barrier

The barrier is dispelled in a bright flash.

A bright yellow stream suddenly forms around the circle on the floor, blocking Saeki and Yamanishi from view. Imari/Kitami suspects that Jody is behind it and unsuccessfully attempts to dispel the barrier, shattering her hair tie. The girls start to panic, and Saki Kiriya nervously asks her mistress Imari/Kitami what is going on. She orders her to stay calm and again tries to cast a spell.

In a blinding flash, the barrier disappears, stunning everyone in the room and leaving only Yuki and Imari/Kitami left standing. Imari/Kitami now realizes Jody Crowley managed to disturb her ritual through this girl.

Shot S3E5 takashiro informs yuge

Takashiro explains the plot to Yuge.

Act ThreeEdit

Sometime later, in Hiroko Takashiro's secluded townhouse, the nun informs Tokken-chief Toru Yuge of her research. She speculates that the ones responsible for the mysterious events are Devil worshipers who are searching for the Devil's partner mentioned in Chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation. Their cult was led by Aleister Crowley, and they looked for the so called woman in red that is said to give birth to a child stronger than any king in the world.

Shot S3E5 jody engages ritual

Jody prepares to attack.

Takashiro suspects that Crowley's granddaughter Jody is involved, and that she stole the Spear of Longinus from the bank in order to find the woman in red.

Meanwhile, in the trees outside, Jody is looking down at the townhouse, getting ready to attack.

Shot S3E5 yuge investigates jody

Tokken boss Yuge figures it out.

Inside, a confused Yuge argues that they have not found evidence linking Jody to the crimes, but Takashiro guesses that she might have had a different objective: reviving the soul of Reika Kitami to find to woman in red quicker, since Kitami was after the Bible Black spell book, the book that the woman in red will seek. She would thereby function as a compass of sorts. Shocked, Yuge starts to realize that Kitami has been in control of Imari's body all this time.

Suddenly, a mysterious light surrounds the room, and Jody attempts to engage the Ritual of the Vulgar.

Shot S3E5 imari-kitami silences saeki

Imari/Kitami silences her follower Saeki as she interrogates Yuki.

Meanwhile, in the torture chamber used by Imari/Kitami and the coven, Yuki wakes up and discovers she is bound, gagged and suspended above a water tank. Imari's//Kitami's followers taunt the struggling girl, saying they will punish her severely for interrupting their ritual.

Imari/Kitami interrogates her on where Jody is now, but Yuki, either by free will or as a result from Jody's control over her, does not answer. Saki threatens her, suggesting she might like to share teacher Shiraki's fate, who screams from being brutally tortured behind her by a medieval device.

Shot S3E5 yuge breaks spell

Yuge shatters Jody's spell on Takashiro.

Takashiro senses Shiraki's agony and starts feeling faint. Yuge tries to help her, but is warded off by another mysterious barrier. He grabs Takashiro's talisman and successfully negates the blocking spell.

Shot S3E5 jody with guards

Jody assembles her guards.

Outside, Jody is surprised that her magic has been thwarted. She is joined by her two mysterious female guards in ninja outfits and orders them to help her.

Back inside, Yuge checks up on Takashiro, but suddenly screams in pain as Jody and her two lackeys cast some sort of magic spell that causes the clothes on his back to rip in an inverted cross pattern. Takashiro holds up her amulet and recites an incantation of her own:

"Defend against evil spirits, drive away my bitter enemy. End the Seven Misfortunes and bring good fortune. Rin, Byo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen. Destroy!"

She successfully dispels Jody's magic and stuns her guards, enraging Jody even further. Takashiro tells Yuge they should go rescue Shiraki.

Shot S3E5 aki kisses yamanishi

Aki thanks a sleeping Yamanishi.

Act FourEdit

In the Tokken headquarters, agent Aki Ichikawa is back on her feet and accesses Yamanishi's police report on a computer while the young man lays asleep behind her on the couch. Aki realizes that he is the one who saved her from vice-principal Takeshi Oshima's crazed attack on her in the hospital. She lovingly tucks him in and gives him a kiss.

Shot S3E5 yuki possessed

Yuki unable to answer her interrogators.

In the torture chamber, Shiraki is finally released from her painful cradle device, only to be surrounded by several men. Saeki cruelly forces her to give them all oral sex.

Meanwhile, Kiriya torments the still bound and gagged Yuki, penetrating her body with several devices. Imari/Kitami pushes Kiriya aside and ruthlessly has anal intercourse with Yuki. She undoes her gag to allow the girl to reveal Jody's intention and location. But Yuki is still unable to withstand Jody's influence on her and does not answer.

Shot S3E5 saki water torture

Kiriya prepares the next torture step.

Shiraki, after being raped repeatedly by the men, is grabbed by Saeki and gagged by another torture device. She is forced to assault Yuki with it, and Saeki jokingly tells her they have to make a formal greeting and that a teacher's job is to take care of their students. As Yuki is being violated by a crying Shiraki, Saki proceeds to fill the girls' insides with water.

Back at Tokken, Aki has fallen asleep on her keyboard when Yamanishi, still possessed, suddenly appears behind her holding his belt. He lets off a menacing grin as he is about to strangle her.

To be continued...





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