Sei Shoujo (聖 少女) is the creator of the original Bible Black game, one of his most famous works. He is currently aligned with game developer Empress.

Art styleEdit

File:Shot GAME1 nonogusa attacked.png

Sei Shoujo's art style for female characters, with few exception, all tend to have curvaceous body. Early in his career, females tend to have similar height and measurements but from DominancE onward the characters begin to have distinguishable feature due to their varying measurements.

The main protagonists initially have similar features of dark hair, brown eyes, and skinny body but this has also evolved over years with the latter games' protagonists breaking this tradition.


Imari and Celicia, the first and latest heroine.

Several traits for each character type are also reused, for example rich heiress type characters such as Rika Shiraki and Leona Morimoto from Discipline tend to have blonde ringlets hairstyle, while many main heroines such as Kurumi Imari and Celicia Lockhart from Closed Game have teal eyes and are the protagonist's childhood friend with a slight tomboyish trait and have strong-willed personality.  

Writing styleEdit

Shot GAME1 kitami kisses minase

Minase confronted by Kitami.

Shoujo's stories generally contain an average male protagonist that comes in conflict with female villain(s) with power, wealth, and/or magical ability. The protagonist encounters various event throughout the story and is presented with various choices, with the main goal of surviving to the 'good ending' with the main heroine and put an end to the villain's plan.

Many of his games (or him as the main scenario writer) also feature religious themes as a moral for the player. These must be upheld if he or she wishes to survive. Generally, many stories also have a designated heroine. This character is usually part of the preferred true ending of the game.

Despite many of his games being eroge, the so called 'harem ending', in which the player ends up with most if not all girls, is infrequent and is generally classified as an 'evil ending'.

List of games with Sei Shoujo's involvementEdit

  • Bible Black
  • Discipline - The Record of a Crusade -
  • Cleavage
  • Starless
  • Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~
  • DominancE
  • P/A ~Potential Ability~
  • Closed Game

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