Student council
Shot S2E1 school assembly
Council presentation in the gymnasium.
Known associates
Leader(s) Mug kozono Nami Kozono
Mug shiraki Rika Shiraki
Mug kiriya Saki Kiriya
Others Mug junko2 Junko Mochida

The student council or student body is the organization of students responsible for school regulations as well as extracurricular activities at the Academy. The council and its activities are featured primarily in the Bible Black: Origins prequel anime series.

The council makes budget decisions regarding extracurricular activities such as sports and literature clubs, which are, among others, the school's swim team and art club. Members of the council also decide which activities are allowed to form an official club.

The organization is chaired by a student president. It is unknown if the position is voted for by students or appointed by the school's staff, but so far the only known presidents of the council have been female, namely Nami Kozono, Rika Shiraki and Saki Kiriya. It is likely that they are selected based on their popularity and school grades.[1]

The council holds presentations of their reports during assembly in the school's gymnasium.


Shot S2E1 kozono and mochida table

President Nami Kozono up to no good.

During the time Nami Kozono is president, she uses the council room on several occasions for her sexual exploits. Once with her fellow council member Junko Mochida, and later with her classmate Hiratani.

Shot S2E1 council room love

At it with Hiratani.

The council also rejects an application for a witchcraft club from students Hiroko Takashiro, Rie Morita and Saki Shindou. Councillor Mochida informs them of the denial, adding that the council would never allow a silly club like theirs.

Soon after, during an assembly in the gymnasium, Mochida becomes the victim of a lewd spell cast by Takashiro and her friends. She strips naked and publicly masturbates in front of the entire assembly, causing great uproar.

Shot S2E1 student council room

Door the the council room.

Kozono later uses her position as council president to arrange a room for the witchcraft club to practice in. She also starts to neglect her duties when she becomes infatuated with classmate Hiratani. The council eventually loses its president when Kozono is killed on Walpurgis Night.

Shot S1E1 shiraki's aides

President Rika Shiraki and her aides.

Twelve years later, the attractive and idolized student Rika Shiraki is president of the council. Her male aides, possibly part of or allied to the council, help break up two students who are making love in the school's locker room. Shiraki's position and beauty make her quite popular among the students, causing one of her schoolmates Taki Minase to use a magic spell to make her fall in love with him.

Years later, student Saki Kiriya holds the presidency. She becomes a servant of the occultist teacher Kaori Saeki and her coven, using her influential position to give her mistress information on school activities, such as the death of professor Yoshitani during a school break. She also helps seduce and torture several teachers and students. She continues to serve her mistress when the evil Reika Kitami takes over Saeki's club.



  1. GAME1 | Minase: She's good-looking, always gets top grades, and to top it all off, she's also the President of the Student Council.

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