• Hey man, welcome to the wiki.

    I was going to add the Black Sacrifice remake information to the same page as the original episode, but I will take care of that in due time. I have also seen the remake now, by the way. Quite a change. Looks a lot better. I can't seem to find when exactly this was released though. If you can add any sources that would be great. Please be sure to also check out the Rules posted on the main page if you plan to do some more editing :)

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    • Yeah, it looks a lot better. Too bad we only have censored version though. I think I will let you handle things for now. I think it is better if I stick to editing/correcting existing info and adding missing information if I come across it. Unfortunately I know very little about the when/why circumstances of the remake episode. What I wrote about it is all I know.

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    • In case you are interested, I finished that comparison page. There might be more notable canon differences, so if you notice any let me know!

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    • Very nice. You did a good job on that comparison page. I kinda wish they would redo the entire first season in that style.

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    • Thanks :) Haha yeah reamkes for all episodes would be something. They also did a very shoddy job on some scenes in the New Testemant series.

      Though I would prefer either a entitely new series or live-action. Though live-action will probably suck.

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