The following is on overview of all Unnamed Characters in the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis anime series.

In order of appearance:

Witchcraft club membersEdit

Unknown members of the original witchcraft club that existed twelve years prior to the events of the series are featured at the start of the first episode and in Reika Kitami's flashback in the third. Their appearance was altered in the remastered version of this episode.

(LNdW: School of Black Magic)
(LNdW: Black Sacrifice - Remastered)

Students in shockEdit

Several Academy students reacting in shock to Asada and Murai's sudden sexual spectacle in the middle of the school's hallway.

(LNdW: School of Black Magic)

Asada's girlfriendEdit

Shot S1E1 asada girlfriend

Asada's girlfriend betrayed.

The female Academy student who is seen in tears in the school hallway when her boyfriend Asada starts to have sex with fellow student Ayumi Murai after being charmed by a love curse.

(LNdW: School of Black Magic)

Shiraki's aidesEdit

Shot S1E1 shiraki's aides

Shiraki with her aides.

Two students, possibly prefects working for the student council, are ordered by council president Rika Shiraki to pull students Asada and Murai apart after they blatantly start having sex in the school's hallway.

(LNdW: School of Black Magic)

Classmates and teacherEdit

Shot S1E3R academy class


Imari and Minase's classmates and teacher sitting in class while Imari and Minase avoid eye contact.

(LNdW: Black Sacrifice - Remastered)

Art club studentsEdit

A group of at least eight male students, presumably members of the Academy art club, rape their teacher Hiroko Takashiro and fellow student Rika Shiraki under the evil Reika Kitami's command. The boys are possibly being coerced by her magic influence.

(LNdW: Black Sacrifice - Remastered)

Kitami's male lackeysEdit

After Reika Kitami kidnaps student Kurumi Imari, she has several male followers hold her down and violate her. They later have sex with Kitami's ritual girls and break into Minase's house to rape Rika Shiraki and Minase's cousin Yukiko. The men are likely Academy students as well, possibly some of the same students that participated in the art club orgy (see above).

(LNdW: Black Caress)
(LNdW: Black Dinner)

Ritual girlsEdit

Shot S1E5 ritual girls

The girls gather in the basement.

A group of several girls (excluding Kaori Saeki, Jun Amatsuki and Maki Kurimoto) that assist Reika Kitami during her ritual on Walpurgis Night. They are first used as concubines in preparation of the ritual in order to help Kitami's male lackeys fill a golden chalice. The girls are most likely students and possibly members of Saeki's magic club that have also had their minds corrupted by the evil witch Kitami.

(LNdW: Black Dinner)
(LNdW: Black Descent)

Testimony studentsEdit

Shot S1E6 student testimony

Taking notes.

An Academy prefect takes notes from two students following the incident in the school's basement on the Night of Walpurgis.

(LNdW: Black Descent)

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