The following is on overview of all Unnamed Characters in the Bible Black: New Testament anime series.

In order of appearance:

Female joggersEdit

Shot S3E1 joggers

Running into trouble.

Two joggers who discover a black car under a railway bridge containing the bodies of a murdered couple.

(NT: Revival)

Female student with manEdit

A female Academy student having sex with a man, possibly a teacher or curator, in the lab room of a museum. The man asks the girl what she knows about the Spear of Longinus artifact.

They are both killed moments later and gruesomely hung from the ceiling.

(NT: Revival)

Museum guardEdit

Shot S3E1 museum guard

Not getting paid enough.

A museum guard discovering Jody Crowley floating in front of one of the windows. He also finds the mutilated bodies of the female student and man (see above).

(NT: Revival)

Saeki's new coven membersEdit

Unknown members of evil Academy teacher Kaori Saeki's revived coven, consisting of at least ten dedicated or magically coerced female students. They are seen seducing the school's vice-principal Takeshi Oshima and assist their mistress in her rituals.

(NT: Revival)
(NT: Reunion)
(NT: Rule)

Yamanishi's partnerEdit

Shot S3E1 yamanishi and chief

Working with Yamanishi.

Main article: Yamanishi's partner

The police investigator partnered with his younger colleague Naoto Yamanishi, presumably his subordinate. He has been on the police force for a long time.

(NT: Revival)
(NT: Rule)
(NT: Recollection)

Police officersEdit

Police officers and forensic teams investigating the murder on the Academy roof and standing outside the bank during a robbery, including SWAT officers who later lead the assault into the building. Some investigators and officers can also be seen in Toru Yuge's flashback when meeting Kurumi Imari during a murder investigation on the street.

(NT: Revival)
(NT: Reunion)
(NT: Complete Version)

Monk at monastery (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 takashiro with priest

Takashiro with the monk.

A black robed priest at a monastery visited by Hiroko Takashiro in her purity quest.

(NT: Complete Version)

Takashiro's attackers (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 takashiro attacked

Why does this keep happening?

Two men armed with knives who ambush Hiroko Takashiro on the street and rape her.

(NT: Complete Version)

Priest (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 takashiro priest sex

Doing the priest a sexual favor.

A priest or monk that has sex with Hiroko Takashiro, seemingly in return for an ancient scroll.

(NT: Complete Version)

Occultist bank robbersEdit

Shot S3E1 imari and aki at gunpoint

Inspecting Imari and Aki.

Main article: Occultist bank robbers

A group of five male thugs who presumably work for or are controlled by the mysterious magic user Jody Crowley. They abuse several employees and customers during a bank robbery. Their leader is later responsible for the revival of Reika Kitami's soul inside Kurumi Imari's body.

(NT: Revival)
(NT: Reunion)

Bank hostagesEdit

Several bank workers and customers taken hostage by a group of occultist bank robbers and forced to have sex.

(NT: Revival)

Female clerksEdit

Two female bank clerks taken to the bank's bathroom and viciously raped by the robber leader. One of them is shot and killed, the other is raped again later when Reika Kitami revives in the body of Kurumi Imari.


Shot S3E2 doctor

The autopsy doctor.

A doctor working at the hospital who escorts police investigator Naoto Yamanishi and his partner to the autopsy room to see Yuki Toudou's body.
(NT: Reunion)

Tokken agentsEdit

Male and female agents of the Tokken agency convene at their headquarters and are ordered by Toru Yuge to put a stop to all Devil worshiping cults. Some of them are seen knocked out or killed when Jody Crowley and her guards attack the Tokken headquarters.

(NT: Reunion)
(NT: Reproduction)

Female rape victim (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 female victim smoking

Smoking kills.

A young woman raped and killed on the street by a man. Her mind is presumably read by police officer Kurumi Imari, present at the crime scene. This feat which allows Tokken director to arrest him while investigating the crime scene.

(NT: Complete Version)

Killer and rapist (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 killer in crowd

The bladed punker.

A punker that assaults the aforementioned young woman. He drags her into an alley under threat of a knife. Here he rapes her before stabbing her to death in the neck. The thug is later apprehended by Toru Yuge when she identifies him from a crowd of people at the crime scene.

(NT: Complete Version)

Crowd at crime scene (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 crowd at crime scene

Very inconspicuous...

A group of spectators, including the killer, gathered at the cordoned off crime scene on the street.

(NT: Complete Version)

Academy studentsEdit

Academy students being introduced to their new substitute teacher Rika Shiraki, including one male student who eyes her with a particularly dreamy expression. A few students can also be seen gathering at the school building in Imari's flashback. Finally, a few are shown when Jody Crowley is introduced to class, ending with students Saki Kiriya and Yuki Toudou smiling at each other.

(NT: Rule)
(NT: Complete Version)


Shot S3E3 nurse

An unknown nurse.

A dark-haired nurse working in the hospital that speaks with Tokken director Toru Yuge, who is checking up on his colleague Aki Ichikawa. The director believes the nurse mistakes him for Aki's father.

(NT: Rule)

Kiriya's followersEdit

Shot S3E3 shiraki grabbed

Shiraki overpowered.

Two male followers of student council president Saki Kiriya. They are possibly also members of the council or Saeki's coven.

(NT: Rule)

Male lackeysEdit

Possessed males doing Reika Kitami's bidding, including raping and abusing her victims Rika Shiraki and later Yuki Toudou. They also ritualistically have sex with several of Kaori Saeki's female coven members. They are most likely Academy students.

(NT: Recollection)
(NT: Rejection)
(NT: Reproduction)

Police chiefEdit

Shot S3E4 yamanishi resigns

Yamanishi quits.

The chief of police who dismisses Naoto Yamanishi's report as nonsense and takes him off his investigation. The young investigator then angrily tenders his resignation and turns in his badge and gun to the chief.

(NT: Recollection)

Yamanishi's schoolmatesEdit

Shot S3E4 nurse kitami first school

The boys stare at Kitami.

Several of Naoto Yamanishi's fellow schoolmates who have an eye on their school nurse Reika Kitami.

(NT: Recollection)

Jody's schoolmates (Complete Version)Edit

Shot S3 jody's school

Jody at an unknown school.

Several students attending the same school as Jody Crowley.

(NT: Complete Version)

Jody's victims (Complete Version)Edit

Several people involved in Jody Crowley's history. One is a man and a woman having sex in a ritual circle of candles while Jody masturbates. It causes a ghost of her grandfather Aleister Crowley to appear. The next scene shows several men and women having sex while Jody looks on from after; one in a Middle-Eastern looking building, the other in an outside panoramic elevator.

(NT: Complete Version)

Crowley's guardsEdit

Shot S3E5 guards casting

Casting disorientation spells.

Main article: Crowley's guards

Loyal ninja-like followers of Jody Crowley. They are in possession of several powerful magical abilities and spells they use to attack both Hiroko Takashiro and Toru Yuge. They later assist their mistress in her perverted ritual.

(NT: Rejection)
(NT: Reproduction)

Ice cream vendorEdit

Shot S3E6 yamanishi ice cream

Selling cold snacks.

A female vendor selling ice cream in a stall to Naoto Yamanishi.

(NT: Reproduction)

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