In order to get a conclusive result, the poll for the most beloved Female Character in the Bible Black series had been running for a little over a year. But now the results are finally in! It was a close race.

Out of 10 prominent female characters in the series, which one ranks the highest? Scroll down to the Top 10 below to find out! Don't forget to leave a comment dammit! You can also check out the Wiki Forum for more feedback.

Which girl is your favorite and why? Is it one of these? Or perhaps another one that was not included in this poll?


Aki Ichikawa

5 votes
Well, she has just as little votes as number 9 on this list, so I decided to just go alphabetical. There's not a lot of love for this destined woman in red and Tokken agent from New Testament. Maybe because she doesn't really do much and spends most of the series being raped for no real reason.

Who could forget her ritualistic abuse at the hands of Imari/Kitami? And she doesn't get to enjoy her subsequent rescue for long, because even in the hospital she becomes the victim of rape by principal.

Characters S3E1 aki ichikawa
Shot S3E2 aki reports Shot S3E2 aki spear stun Shot S3E3 imari-kitami licks aki Shot S3E4 aki abused Shot S3E6 aki strangled by yamanishi


Yuki Toudou

5 votes
One of my personal favorites didn't make it very far either. This swimmer doesn't really have a lot to say and do in her New Testament appearance, I suppose. There's just something about her being possessed and used as a seductress and plaything by others that does it for me.

First she is used by her coven mistress Saeki to have sex with teacher Yoshitani, and later becomes a pawn of Jody Crowley, whom she shares a sweet romantic moment with before being brutally tortured and raped.

Yuki toudou
Shot S3E1 yuki yoshitani love Shot S3E2 yuki licks lips Shot S3E4 yuki bewitched Shot S3E5 yuki possessed Shot S3E5 yuki suspended


Nami Kozono

7 votes
Her appearance in Origins apparently did not make as much of an impression on voters as some others higher up this list. Still, an 8th place is pretty good for a character that only appears in two episodes. She's just so damned evil and she loves it! I would have liked to see more of her.

This spoiled student council president is put down a peg when her mind is cursed into loving her unpopular classmate Hiratani. In her appeal to the Devil, she has Kitami kidnapped and raped. Fucking her up, basically.

Nami kozono1
Shot S2E1 kozono kitami kiss Shot S2E1 kozono entranced Shot S2E2 kozono comes to senses Shot S2E2 kozono thugs kitami Shot S2E2 kozono evil


Jody Crowley

10 votes
I guess Jody is just a bit too mysterious to be a fan favorite. Lots of her backstory and motivations remain ambiguous, so it's hard to get invested. She just floats about here and there in New Testament. Her erotic scenes are nicely over the top though, so at least there's that.

The granddaughter of occultist Aleister Crowley tries to fulfill her father's prophecy and uses Aki and later the revived Kitami as tools. She also has a lovely encounter with Yuki, showing off her futanariWP skills.

Shot S3E1 jody floats Shot S3E3 jody focus Shot S3E5 jody casting Shot S3E6 jody imari love Shot S3E6 spear appears to jody


Rika Shiraki

13 votes
The numerous amount of rape and torture this poor girl has had to endure didn't even get her a spot in the Top 5! Maybe that's because abuse is seemingly her entire purpose as a character. It is particularly brutal in the New Testament series. But in the end, she always comes back on top. Unscathed, apparently.

If only she was as popular on this list as she was at the Academy. Her beauty causes Minase to cast a spell on her, leading to all sorts of trouble. She is victimized again later in life when running into Saeki's followers.

Rika shiraki2
Shot GAME1 shiraki in minase's room Shot S1E3R shiraki pulled Shot S1E3R shiraki spent Shot S3E4 shiraki hoisted 125px


Kurumi Imari

52 votes
The Top 5 characters of this list score well above the others. Even Imari got more votes than the bottom 5 combined. And why not? As the adorable tritagonist of the first game and first anime she remains a favorite among the fans. With her cutesy and innocent demeanor she's probably one of the friendliest girls in the series.

She becomes entangled in Kitami's evil plot when her friend and neighbor Minase is corrupted by the witch. The evil woman selects her to become her vessel, a goal in which she partly succeeds.

Kurimu imari
Shot GAME1 imari posing Shot S1E3 imari drools Shot S1E4 imari euphoric Shot S1E6 imari embarrassed Shot S3E1 imari tied up


Kaori Saeki

74 votes
Another one of my favorites. This girl is basically Kitami-light. Her occult aspirations and willingness to use her body to attain her goals apparently struck a cord with our disturbed fans. Even though she is technically under Kitami's evil influence, her cruel and perverted tendencies almost seem to be innate.

She is corrupted by Academy nurse Kitami during her youth, following her mistress' every command. She continues to serve her later in life, using her loyal coven of followers to viciously abuse her enemies.

Kaori saeki1
Shot GAME1 saeki classroom ritual Shot S1E1 saeki questions minase Shot S4E2 saeki wink Shot S1E6 saeki pleasured Shot S3E6 jody subjecting saeki


Reika Kitami

79 votes
It was a pretty close call, but the Mistress of Evil herself narrowly beat her favorite follower pet Saeki. You can't really think about Bible Black without having an image of this evil hermaphrodite in your mind. Her sadistic methods and grasp of dark perverted magic basically make or break the series.

Her evilness stems from the contract she made with the Devil in her youth. She later terrorizes the Academy, abusing and corrupting students and teachers left and right. She finally meets her match with Jody, however.

Reika kitami
Shot GAME1 kitami in office Shot S1E2 kitami seduction spell Shot S1E3R kitami crazy Shot S1E4 kitami choking Shot S2E1 kitami checks money


Hiroko Takashiro

80 votes
An even closer call is Takashiro's triumph over Kitami. I guess good prevails over evil, amirite? It's sort of deserved for the calm and rational art teacher to place higher, though. After all, she features in all productions of the Bible Black series. Our fans really seem to have a thing for teachers.

Takashiro starts out as an occultist fanatic in her youth, but learns of its dangers after a rapey demonic encounter. Later in life she uses her magic to help others, but her perverted side resurfaces from time to time...

Hiroko takashiro7
Shot GAME1 takashiro undress Shot S1E3R takashiro gagged Shot S2E2 takashiro blood spray Shot S3E5 takashiro talisman defense Shot S4E2 takashiro fantasy


Yukiko Minase

115 votes
Ok, I kind of cheated a little bit here, because Yukiko is the only minor character on this list. But she still took first place by a whopping lead! Not bad for a character that is only featured in a few instances. I suspect the erotic scenes she features in were the deciding factor, as these are fan favorites.

Yukiko is the big-breasted cousin of Minase. She in fact helps the boy translate the Bible Black spell book. She is later raped and abused by both Kitami and her professor in quite a kinky scene.

Yukiko minase
Shot GAME1 yukiko exasperated Shot S1E2 yukiko drooling Shot S1E5 yukiko grabbed Shot S1E6 yukiko abused Shot S4E2 professor with yuki

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