Following the first poll results regarding the top favorite erotic scenes from the first anime series, an order of most popular scenes in the prequel Bible Black: Origins could simply not be left out. Some of the most memorable erotic scenes appear in this second Bible Black anime production.

So then, below are the Top 5 favorite erotic scenes of the second anime series series according to the visitors of this Wiki, who voted on a poll on the Main Page exactly 100 times.

What do you think of these scenes? Which is your favorite and why? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!


Kozono gives her body to Hiratani

The unpopular student Hiratani uses a paper doll to make Nami Kozono desperate for his love.
You sometimes wish the perverted spells in the Bible Black are for real. We have all been the unpopular student at school at some point, and my hat goes off to Mr. Hiratani for exploiting the fact he is a character in fiction.

Shot S2E1 kozono hiratani love
Episode 1: Black Brand (10 votes)


Junko exposes herself at assembly

Student council member Junko Mochida is compelled to masturbate in front of assembly in the gymnasium.
Ah, nothing like career crippling revenge on a smug and arrogant girl at school. This scene is a nod to later student Mika Ito's similar experience in the first Bible Black game.

Shot S2E1 junko exposed
Episode 1: Black Brand (12 votes)


Kitami raped by Kozono's thugs

Reika Kitami is lured to an abandoned warehouse and relentlessly raped by Kozono's thugs.
This last erotic scene of the series is Nami Kozono's vengeance on Reika Kitami after she repeatedly turns down her sexual advances. Kozono really should have considered one of those chastity belts though...

Shot S2E2 thugs assault kitami
Episode 2: Black Altar (14 votes)


Lesbians Junko and Kozono make love

Student councilors and lovers Nami Kozono and Junko Mochida make love in an empty classroom.
What better way to start a series off than with a steaming lesbian scene? Our voters certainly enjoyed one of the only truly consensual sex scenes featuring just two smug girls with lustful intentions.

Shot S2E1 kozono and mochida table
Episode 1: Black Brand (21 votes)


Takashiro encounters a demon

Student Hiroko Takashiro's summoning ritual goes awry and she is raped by a vicious demon.
It is not surprising that this particular scene received an overwhelming vote. After all, it is the only scene in the Bible Black series to feature one of the best depictions of tentacle rapeWP, a true staple of the hentai subgenre.

Shot S2E2 takashiro demon
Episode 2: Black Altar (43 votes)

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