Is Bible Black a story enhanced with erotic scenes or a collection of erotic scenes tied together with a story? No matter your perspective, the sex scenes in the first series, Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis, remain a fan favorite because of their unique art style and occult inspirations.

Below are the Top 6 favorite erotic scenes of the first anime series series according to the visitors of this Wiki, who voted on a poll on the Main Page over 116 times.


Kitami seduces Minase in the basement

A close last place goes to the erotic scene that is one of the most poignant indulgences story-wise. Nurse Reika Kitami learns of Taki Minase's magical exploits and seduces him to her side in the school basement, turning the student into one of her diabolical (and even more perverted) followers.

Shot S1E2 kitami and minase basement
Episode 2: Black Ceremony (8 votes)


Minase and Imari make love in bed

One of the few consensual erotic scenes in the anime. Kurumi Imari and Taki Minase finally confess their love for each other following their escape from evil nurse Reika Kitami. The scene does not limit itself to one love-making session, as Imari hesitantly asks her friend to take it to the next level.

Shot S1E6 minase and imari make love
Episode 6: Black Descent (9 votes)


Imari catches Saeki and rapes her

The very last erotic scene in the anime is short but sweet. The occult-obsessed student Kaori Saeki rediscovers the Bible Black spell book from the school basement and is caught by Kurumi Imari, who reveals herself as Reika Kitami and gives her a test run of her new body.

Shot S1E6 saeki raped
Episode 6: Black Descent (14 votes)


Minase and Takashiro make love

Another lovely consensual scene, if you count art teacher Hiroko Takashiro, drugged with aphrodisiacs, begging her student Taki Minase to have sex with her as consensual. Their intense love-making session even gets a follow-up the next day.

Shot S1E4 takashiro sleeping
Episode 4: Black Caress (18 votes)


Kitami and Ito in the nurse's office

The first erotic scene depicted in the anime remains one of the favorites. Maybe because most people shut the anime off in shock after seeing the hermaphrodite nurse Reika Kitami having sex with student Mika Ito. Who knows? Either way, the scene remains one of the classics.

Shot S1E1 ito and kitami
Episode 1: School of Black Magic (20 votes)


Minase's sister Yukiko and Shiraki raped

Yukiko Minase and Rika Shiraki are raped by Reika Kitami's male followers. Should I be worried that one of the most brutal rape scenes is voted favorite? This one also seems to have been made specifically for the anime, and is not featured in the game it was based on. The same goes for number 4 on this list.

Shot S1E5 yukiko raped
Episode 5: Black Dinner (30 votes)

What do you think of these scenes? Do you have another favorite from this series? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!

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