You already voted on the Top 6 erotic scenes in the first anime series, but a top list of the dubious scenes in its sequel Bible Black: New Testament could of course not be left out! Who could forget the copious amount of rape, torture and abuse the twisted creators of this series concocted?

So then, below are the Top 6 favorite erotic scenes of the third anime series series according to the visitors of this Wiki, who voted on a poll on the Main Page a decisive 114 times.

What do you think of these scenes? Which is your favorite and why? Is it one of these or perhaps another from this series? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!


Revived Kitami tries out Imari's body

Following her revival in Kurumi Imari's body, the evil witch Reika Kitami kills the bank robber leader and tries out her body by aggressively raping the remaining female clerk in the bathroom of a bank they are being held hostage in.
Well, this is just mean. This poor bank clerk has just been assaulted multiple times already by the bank robber leader and now again has to suffer. Our voters apparently liked to see this poor girl assaulted by an almost animalistic Kitami. I hope you are proud of yourselves!

Shot S3E2 clerk abused
Episode 1: Revival / Episode 2: Reunion (7 votes)


Jody and Imari/Kitami face-off

Jody Crowley takes over Imari/Kitami's ritual in the Academy basement and has sex with her before proceeding with her own Ritual of Coronzon. She even manages to make Imari's soul resurface for a brief moment.
Two hermaphrodites having sex with each other? That's a first for the series! It's great to see Jody giving Imari/Kitami a taste of her own medicine by putting her in the role of victim for a change. It results in a lengthy scene where both women give in to their passions.

Shot S3E6 jody imari love
Episode 6: Reproduction (10 votes)


Yuki makes love on the school roof

Student Yuki Toudou seduces her teacher Yoshitani on the roof of the Academy to discover that his father is in possession of the ancient Spear of Longinus artifact. She passionately makes love to the teacher.
Like number 2 on this list, this first proper erotic scene in the series also features Yuki (what is it with her and rooftops?). She shows off her seductive powers when confronting her teacher in a swimsuit. And who could resist those puppy dog eyes? You'd tell her anything she wants!

Shot S3E1 yuki flirts yoshitani
Episode 1: Revival (11 votes)


Bank clerks raped by a bank robber

The leader of a group of occultist bank robbers violently assaults two female bank clerks, even killing one of them with his shotgun. Tokken agent Kurumi Imari is meanwhile tied up and forced to watch the disturbing spectacle.
I'm a bit worried about the high number of votes for this particularly violent erotic scene. A clerk is sodomized by the barrel of a shotgun before being needlessly shot. Yeah...think of that. You have to wonder who at Milky Studio thinks these scenes up!

Shot S3E1 female clerks abused
Episode 1: Revival (13 votes)


Yuki and Jody make a pact

On the roof of a building, the mysterious witch hermaphrodite Jody Crowley passionately makes love to the young Academy student Yuki Toudou after she enchants the girl to do her bidding, turning her into a willing slave.
My personal favorite. This scene narrowly beats number 3 on this list. And why not? It features the adorable and seductive Yuki having 'lesbian sex' with her new mistress Jody, who also happens to have a penis. It has great animation, lighting and is a great scene for futanariWP fans!

Shot S3E4 yuki kisses jody
Episode 4: Recollection (14 votes)


Orgy in the school basement

Reika Kitami, inhabiting the body of Kurumi Imari, has her followers (ab)used in an exuberant orgy in the basement of the Academy in preparation of her ritual. Jody Crowley later takes over and engages in her own ritual.
The highest voted scene is short but sweet. It is the culmination and climax (lol) of the series, featuring almost all characters giving into their sexual cravings. The scene includes Rika Shiraki, Yuki Toudou, Hiroko Takashiro, Naoto Yamanishi, and Kaori Saeki. Imari/Kitami meanwhile has sex with her sacrifice Aki Ichikawa.

Shot S3E6 basement orgy
Episode 6: Reproduction (32 votes)

Other scenes

These scenes didn't make the podium. Was this deserved or undeserved? Let us know in the comments section!
Aki attacked by a mad vice-principal (5)
Yamanishi reminisces about Kitami (4)
Imari/Kitami attacks Takashiro (4)
Shiraki tortured by Saeki's club (4)
Vice-principal assaults nurse Harada (3)
Saeki's club seduces the vice-principal (3)
Aki subjected by Imari/Kitami (2)
Saki and Saeki offered to Yamanishi (1)
Shiraki and Yuki tortured together (1)

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