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Top 6 Favorite Erotic Scenes in Bible Black: Only

Biberoi September 15, 2014 User blog:Biberoi

Surely Bible Black: Only was made for those distracted by all the 'storyline' in the other three series and who just want some animated erotic material. And the creators sure take things to the next level in this final series, though the art style and animation is a bit lacking in my opinion.

Anyway, below are the Top 6 favorite erotic scenes of the fourth anime series according to the visitors of this Wiki, who voted on a poll on the Main Page a very impressive 204 times. Granted, that was because I left this poll running for way too long...

What do you think of these scenes? Which is your favorite and why? Is it one of these or perhaps another from this series? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!


Nonogusa violated by the swim team

The talented swim team member Miyuki Nonogusa is cornered by her fellow team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto who gag and abuse her body. Student Mika Ito and her boyfriend later join them and the whole scene develops into a perverted orgy of sexual desire.
Surprise - it's another rape scene! This one is directly inspired by one seen in the first game, although Ito does not feature in that one. It's great seeing these girls in swimsuits giving in to their sexual cravings and vying for the boy's attention. Even poor Nonogusa eventually succumbs to lust.

Shot S4E1 swim team harassment
Episode 1: Volume 1 (13 votes)


Takashiro assaulted in the bathroom

After stumbling upon a picture of a demon in the library, art professor Hiroko Takashiro flashes back to her demonic encounter as a student. She gets aroused and masturbates in a bathroom stall. However, the school's vice-principal catches her and starts to abuse her before suffering a demonic possession himself.
Well, it turns out Takashiro's demon rape wasn't quite as traumatic as you'd think, as she seems to long for the same sensation even years later. It's a lovely scene for Takashiro fans and bathroom fetishists. Also, what's the deal with these vice-principals going mad all the time?

Shot S4E1 takashiro assaulted
Episode 1: Volume 1 (19 votes)


Saeki and her friends hunt for virgins

Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki embark on a perverted quest by each having sex with a virgin Academy student to collect their semen in a golden chalice. They eventually team up and seduce a biology teacher in his classroom.
A close 4th place goes to this jealousy inducing scene. Just imagine: you're a virgin guy and these three horny devils actually want to have sex with you in the most audacious way. The triple-teaming of their teacher is just insane. Where were all these occult sex-crazed girls in my school?

Shot S4E2 saeki ride
Episode 2: Volume 2 (21 votes)


Saeki, Jun and Maki have sex

A continuation of Saeki's, Jun and Maki's virgin hunt. The blond witchcraft club leader uses the power of the Bible Black and the semen filled chalice to sprout two penises from her groin. She uses them to pleasure her girlfriends in a perverted threesome.
A girl with one penis wasn't enough for the creators of this series. That is why this is my personal favorite. Where else are you going to see a scene like this? It's so over the top and explicit that I can't even show a single shot of their lovemaking on this site!

Shot S4E2 jun and maki eager
Episode 2: Volume 2 (24 votes)


Imari is raped after school hours

Kurumi Imari is stalked by a fellow student as she leaves school late. He grabs her from behind and drags her into a storage room before raping her there. Imari eventually stops resisting and gives in, caressing her assailant and willingly having intercourse with him.
Despite this scene only appearing in a censored version, it was voted second best. And why not? The animation style is great and I'm sure this scene was made just because everyone would love to have their way with Imari. Stealing the girl's panties is a nice touch. This is a Japanese series after all...

Shot S4E3 imari screams
Episode 3: Imari Rape Scene (27 votes)


Professor gets kinky with Yukiko

Yukiko Minase, still affected by the perverted demon put on her by her cousin Taki Minase, is abused by one of her professors. He engages her in his perverted sadomasochistic fetish involving several dubious devices. Yukiko gives in to her cravings and begs for more.
This scene was voted favorite by an overwhelming vote. No surprise there, as this has to be one of the most perverted ones in the entire series. The busty and submissive Yukiko shines as every part of her body is prodded and probed for our entertainment.

Shot S4E2 yukiko on chain
Episode 2: Volume 2 (68 votes)

Other scenes

These scenes didn't make the podium. Was this deserved or undeserved? Let us know in the comments section!
Boys corner Saeki in the shower (10)
Yukiko masturbates in the bathroom (10)
Mika Ito with her boyfriend (9)
Takashiro's art student fantasy (3)

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