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Volume 1
Series: Only - Episode 1
Cover S4E1 Only1
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Release dates: July 25, 2005
Written by: Taketo Watarai
Directed by: Hamuo
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Volume 1 is the first episode of the Bible Black: Only anime series and the fifteenth episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of July, 2005.[1]

The episode details the effects of the psychological trauma a demonic assault caused on art teacher Hiroko Takashiro during her youth. It also shows student Mika Ito and her boyfriend helping swim team members Jun and Maki abuse their fellow swimmer Miyuki Nonogusa. Finally, Kaori Saeki experiences what goes on in the shower room after swim practice.


Shot S4E1 takashiro book

Takashiro sees a demon in a book.

At the faculty room toilet...Edit

In the Academy library, art teacher Hiroko Takashiro is flicking through a book. She stumbles upon a picture of a demon, causing her to flashback to her time as a student when she was brutally raped by a demon following a summoning ritual with her witchcraft club. A shadow creeps up to her, and the teacher starts feeling aroused.

Shot S4E1 takashiro caught

Caught in the act.

Moments later, Later, Takashiro is masturbating in a bathroom stall, thinking about her encounter with the demon that took her virginity. She whimpers that she wishes to feel that sensation once more.

Takashiro suddenly notices the school's vice-principal peeking at her over the toilet wall. He climbs into her stall and stops her from escaping. He strips off her clothes and starts groping her. In an attempt to satisfy her own sexual cravings, Takashiro willingly gives him oral sex, then asks for more.

Shot S4E1 takashiro assaulted

The corrupted vice-principal attacks.

Then, the demon's power resonates from within the cubicle, and black drops of devilish goo fall from the ceiling, possessing the vice-principal. Takashiro hears the demon's voice calling to her, and the vice-principal rips off her panties and proceeds to penetrate her.

The pair continue to have sex in the vice-principal's office. Takashiro revels in the sensation, musing that this is what she wanted and admitting to be the devil's slave.

Shot S4E1 boyfriend strips ito

Ito makes love to her boyfriend.

Secret LessonEdit

On the roof of a building, the green-haired Academy student Mika Ito meets with an unknown male student, apparently her boyfriend. She complains that the boy is late as he starts to tease her body and strip her, despite Ito's protests that someone might see them. They proceed to passionately have sex against the roof's fence, likely taking Ito's virginity in the process.

Shot S4E1 swim team harassment

Nonogusa takes one for the swim team.

In the school's swimming pool locker room, swim team captain Shinobu Kobayashi and her lackey Mikimoto are standing over the body of their fellow team member Miyuki Nonogusa. The terrified girl is laying on the floor tied up and gagged with duct tape on her mouth.

The girls start teasing and harassing her body, and Kobayashi comments that it is starting to become aroused. She takes out a small utility knife and cuts apart Nonogusa's swimsuit, exposing her.

Shot S4E1 ito enters with friend

Ito and her boyfriend join in.

Outside the door, Mika Ito and her boyfriend are spying on the girls and Ito suggests they join in. She casually walks into the room and says they can have more fun with a guy involved. She removes Nonogusa's gag and Mikimoto forces her to have oral sex with Ito's friend. He then rapes her, taking her virginity as well.

Shot S4E1 kobayashi pleasured

Kobayashi pleads for the boy's attention.

Amazed at the sexual spectacle, Kobayashi starts masturbating while Ito - now changed into a swimsuit as well - passionately kisses and gropes Mikimoto.

The scene quickly develops into an orgy, wherein all the girls vie for the boy's attention to satisfy their own lustful cravings. Even Nonogusa loses her composure and gives in to her desires. The boy has sex with all the girls repeatedly. Afterwards, Ito tells him they should do it again sometime.

Shot S4E1 saeki shower

Boys spy on Saeki?

Events in the locker roomEdit

Following a refreshing swim in the Academy swimming pool on the school's roof, student Kaori Saeki is taking a shower. While under the steaming stream of water, she starts to rub her body and masturbate.

Suddenly, a boy's hand touches her. Saeki tries to scream, but another boy covers her mouth. They start rubbing her body, saying she should stop doing it by herself. Saeki gives up her struggle and willingly lets the boys have sex with her. They leave afterwards, leaving the girl behind panting from exhaustion.


  • In the first Bible Black game, Kobayashi and Mikimoto also harass their fellow swim team member Nonogusa. They take revenge on her because the girl beat Kobayashi at representing the school in an upcoming swimming contest. Mika Ito or her boyfriend play no role in this event, however.
  • The scene in the anime is also much more aimed at pleasuring Nonogusa, whereas in the game she gets painfully abused by several objects inserted in her body.
  • Ito making love on the roof is very similar to a scene in the first game. Here she has sex with the player Minase on the roof of the school right before taking lethal vengeance on him for humiliating her.
  • The final shower scene suggests that the boys pleasuring Kaori Saeki had been spying and taking pictures of her prior. A sound of a camera can be heard during the scene's introduction and the first scene suggests a camera is hidden in the locker room between two bags (see screenshot above).
  • Also, this shower scene was produced in 2003 according to the copyright notice seen at the end. This means it was created two years before the release of the first Only volume.
  • The Academy vice-principal influenced by evil magic seems to be somewhat of a running theme in the Bible Black series, as vice-principal Takeshi Oshima is also corrupted in the New Testament anime.




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